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Snowbee Boat Rods

Snowbee 2 Piece Deep Blue Titanium 'S-Flex' Boat Rod - 7ft 7in. Inspired by the original 'Livebait' range and based on the standard 8lb blank, but with an ultra-flexible tip, for supreme bite detection. With the ever-increasing trend of fishing lighter, this rod will find favour with plaice, turbot or bream anglers looking for the ultimate tip sensitivity, but with enough backbone through the blank, to handle the unexpected!... (more)
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Snowbee 2 Piece Kuroshio Black Tide Slow Jigging Rod - 6ft 6in. Similar in basic principle, but rather than working the jig fast, in a cyclical ‘crank and jig’ motion, Slow Jigging involves working the jigs close to the bottom in a more relaxed fashion, allowing the lighter, wider jigs to rise and ‘flutter’ back down, which most predatory fish find irresistible.... (more)
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