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Adventure Lights Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It Safety Light. The Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It is an ultra-lightweight safety and signal light that is built into a carabiner. Using a spring-loaded quick-clip carabiner mount, the Tag-It™ can be quickly clipped to a bike or running vests, rucksacks, D-rings, straps, handles, belt loops, etc. – such that you become highly visible at night.... (more)
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In situations where being seen is a must, The Guardian sets unsurpassed standards in it’s versatility and durability. The Guardian is an ultra lightweight, reliable and bright Visual Identification Beacon/Flashlight that has multiple applications in a wide variety of environments.... (more)
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Adventure Lights Guardian Running Light. The Guardian Running light is a rugged, versatile running light that comes with an adjustable elastic armband, locking belt clip and battery. At less than an ounce, this versatile safety light is waterproof to 300 feet, can be seen at up to 3 miles or 5km, and will strobe for over 240 hours on a single battery.... (more)
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2x CR2032 3V Lithium Wrapped (1 qty for all Guardian Series).... (more)
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