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Tetra Field Sports

Bore Boa Cleaning Rope. Introducing Tetra® Gun Bore Boa™ - the quickest and easiest way to clean and lubricate your bore! Ideal for use with Tetra® Gun Triple Action™ CLP, the Bore Boa™ is designed to reach every part of the bore, making close contact with its surfaces. Let the Bore Boa™ do the work - simply pull it through the bore to loosen and remove fouling and apply lubrication for bore protection at the same time.... (more)
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A heavy duty fluoropolymer grease to protect metal-to-metal surfaces. This gun grease is quick to apply and easy to use. It reduces friction, is low odour, doesn't migrate or attract fouling, and bonds well to metals to smooth and protect.... (more)
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Excellent for scratches and touch-ups, this easy-to-use and non-streaky liquid blue is perfect for steel touch-up.... (more)
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Quickly removes rust and old blue easily without damaging the base metal.... (more)
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This fluoropolymer gun lubricant provides bore conditioning for increased velocity, improved accuracy and easy clean-up. It is easy to use, provides rust protection and migrates to hard-to-reach places. 4oz.... (more)
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The gun spray is an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and preservative. The quick evaporating solvent contains a light polymer lubricant and is excellent for removing fouling and providing rust protection.... (more)
Tetra Gun Cleaner - Cleaner/Degreaser - 4oz. The latest gun cleaner technology for routine, safe firearms cleaning in a water-based form as a great pre-treatment for Tetra Gun Grease and Tetra Gun Lubricant.... (more)
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Maximum strength firearm cleaner and degreaser for the toughest metal cleaning tasks.... (more)
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Quickly removes all contaminants from firearm barrels.... (more)
Tapered Tip Swabs. 100% Cotton Swabs, Ideal for pistol rails and hard-to-reach points.... (more)
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A plastic handled, nylon bristled cleaning brush for those difficult to reach recesses.... (more)
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All purpose brushes with large-sizes bristles to clean large areas.... (more)
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Compelte 4-in-1 chemical cleaning set for the true enthusiast. Cleans, lubricates and protects. Comes in an attractive and convenient clamshell packaging which can be hung on a peg board.... (more)
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One Piece Shotgun Mop - 12g. One-Piece 12-Gauge Shotgun Full-Length Bore Cleaner.... (more)
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ValuePro III cleaning kits offer the highest quality and versatility available on the market today, all in an attractive, significantly more compact case packaging!... (more)
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A professional gun care vice designed to support any style forend and stock size. Strong and sturdy, the vice features rubber on the parts that come into contact with the gun and work surface to protect against scratches. Handy compartments are provided for storage of small components and Tetra gun care products.... (more)
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Tetra Lubricating Wipes. Clean, Lubricate & Protect. Easy, convenient and handy disposable wipes saturated with a Mil-Spec formula. Provide immediate protection to your valuable and rust-prone firearms. 50 wipes per container... (more)
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Tetra Powder Solvent - 4oz. New Tetra® Gun Powder Solvent is an ammonia-free, concentrated cleaning solvent that is made for effectively removing powder and carbon fouling from the bore. Formulated for quick and easy firearms cleaning, Powder Solvent is the latest in advanced, high-power solvents from Tetra® Gun care. Test results show that bores kept free of powder and fouling build-up with Powder Solvent provide optimal accuracy. What’s more, Powder Solvent won’t etch the barrel.... (more)
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Tetra Lens Cleaner - 2oz. Designed with a non-streaking, anti-fog formula, this new Lens Cleaner provides great results on sights, scopes, binoculars and glasses.... (more)
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Tetra Silicone Gun Cloth (10x10 Inches). Protects against Rust & Corrosion, Eliminates Fingerprints.... (more)
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Tetra Action Blaster - Synthetic Safe - 10oz. Maximum cleaning power for all firearms. The new synthetic-safe cleaner/degreaser is safe for all polymers, plastics, and metals.... (more)
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