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Swedteam Belts & Braces

Swedteam Stretch Belt. Silent, durable and flexible stretch belt. The buckle is made of a unique and innovative material which makes it both silent and durable. One size.... (more)
  RRP £39.99 £34.99 In stock Purchase Options
Swedteam Leather Belt. Belt in real leather. 40mm width.... (more)
  RRP £29.99 £26.99 Check stock Purchase Options
Swedteam 00-612. Military model with embossed buckle. Made of polyester with the buckle in metal.... (more)
  RRP £7.99 £6.99 Out of stock -
Swedteam Dog Handler Belt. Made with a clever self-locking buckle. Complements the Nicco jacket.... (more)
  RRP £34.99 £29.99 Out of stock -
Swedteam Braces With Clips. Stylish braces in strong material, green with black details. Extra plastic coating on the inside of the clip to avoid damage to trouser fabric. Adjustable length. 50 mm. wide.... (more)
5 star review (1) RRP £34.99 £29.99 In stock Purchase Options