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Snowbee Fishing Vests

Snowbee Travel Vest. The new practical vest is made from a traditional tight-weave Bush Polin material, originally developed for safari suits for its rugged characteristics, coupled with its cool comfort. Our new material however, has a unique twist. By adding 20% polyester fibres to the cotton it provides additional durability and faster drying properties.... (more)
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Snowbee Lure Fishing Vest. Made from an ultra-lightweight rip-stop polyester and nylon mesh, this new vest is so light you won’t know you’re wearing it!... (more)
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Snowbee Long Fly Fishing Waistcoat. The return of our original English style Long Fly Fishing Waistcoat but with a modern twist. Over the past 10 to 15 years we have all adopted the American style ‘mid-length’ fly vests which double as bank or wading vests. However, Snowbee are constantly asked by bank anglers for a long style waistcoat, so here it is! It’s based on the original model from many years ago, but updated with new materials, new pocket designs and modern features.... (more)
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A top quality, bank length fly-fishing waistcoat. Constructed in 100% Tussor nylon, this ultra-lightweight fabric offers comfort plus is super fast drying.... (more)
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The Superlight range of Fly Vests offers all the features of top quality vests, but at a fraction of the price. Made from 100% Nylon Taslon material, these vests are so light you won't know you are wearing them! And best of all the Taslon material is 100% waterproof, so if you do get caught out in a shower, it will help keep the pocket contents dry.... (more)
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The Geo Fly Vest offers quality, style and above all functionality, all rolled into one. Using the latest CVC material, this novel blend of 50% cotton, 50% polyester gives the soft feel of brushed cotton, coupled with the strength, durability and fast drying properties associated with polyester. Designed by fly-fishers, every pocket is there for a reason and not just because there was space available.... (more)
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