Vision Fly Line / Backing

Vision Onki Fly Line. Constructed using the latest technology, and with our brand new taper. Onki provides excellent turnover and presentation at any distance. With twin colours to keep track of your line, the Onki head is 11 metres long with a smooth user-friendly taper allowing quick, consistent casts. A welded front loop makes for quick and easy leader attachment. The high buoyancy floating lines ensure long drifts and helps with mending.... (more)
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Vision Ultralight Nymph Fly Line. Ultra Light Nymph fly line is designed especially for Polish/Czech/French Nymph techniques. Because of the very thin diameter (only 0.58mm) and new slippery coating the casting is easy. Softness and lack of memory guarantee that you won’t miss even the smoothest bite! On both sides of the fly line there are small smooth loops for attaching the leader and backing. This light beige line was specially designed to meet European standards of competition (minimum diam... (more)
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Vision Stillmaniac Fly Line. Stillmaniac lines are designed in conjunction with our Stillmaniac rods. These together create the ultimate combo for stillwater & reservoir fishing. Stillmaniac fly lines have a 13 meter head and a taper designed for long casts required by many stillwater and reservoir anglers. The total length of 33m will ensure even the best casters won't run out of line. In the front of the line we have an industry first tippet ring attachment for the leader. Very small, smooth a... (more)
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Vision Merisuola Floating Fly Line. Merisuola fly rods and fly lines were designed simultaneously to complete each other. The harsh saltwater environment and big, strong and fast fish is a combination, which sets some hard limits especially for fly lines. For that reason, we spent numerous hours testing and re-designing our Merisuola fly lines before we were confident that the lines were ready for the challenge.... (more)
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Vision Grand Daddy Pike Fly Line 30m. Grand Daddy are the offspring of our famous Big Daddy fly lines. Like its predecessor the Grand Daddy has an 8.5 metre head. We have shortened the front taper to improve the turn over of large pike flies, and lengthened the rear taper to improve stability in the air when false casting and shooting line. The coating is very slick and supple which remains memory free even in cold conditions. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and set the hook. It... (more)
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Vision Big mama Pike Fly Line - 33m. Big Mama is a perfect line for bulky and heavy flies. The profile is a reverse compound taper with a short front taper to cut through wind. It has a slick and supple coating which remains memory free even in cold conditions. The low stretch core helps you to feel the takes and set the hook and also transfers casting energy better than traditional cores. The ready-made loops make it easy to attach the leader and backing.... (more)
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Vision Stripping Basket. This is a must for a bank and boat fisherman. A stripping basket keeps your running line non tangled, maximizing the casting distance. As you’re not standing on your line, your line will be also lasting longer in better shape. The basket has a handy place for your rod when changing flies. Comes with silicone spikes, adjustable belt and adjustable shoulder strap.... (more)
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Vision Spare Spike For Stripping Basket.... (more)
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Vision Meri Fly Line. Meri is a series of lines designed for coastal fishing. It has a 10m head and a total length of 33m. Meri series consists of several densities of lines to cover all the needs of coastal anglers. Float to SloMo tip (3m tip) is perfect for fishing shallow and cold water. SloMo (10m) version is the perfect all-round coastal line with its floating running line. Fast Inter is the go-to line for deeper banks and fishing from the boat. Fast Inter to S3 (4m tip) tip is a great choi... (more)
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