Shimano Coltsniper

Shimano Coltsniper Rock Walk 110F Lure - 110mm 23g - Katakuchi. Shimano's Coltsniper Rock Walk 110F is a particular lure for sea fishing. It is a mix between a classic wtd and a stickbait, developed to perform actions both on the surface of the water and below the surface. Its 3X body is tapered to allow long casts and to be able to slide well in the water so as to achieve a snappy action, ideal for targeting prey such as Barracuda, Greenhouse Fish, Bonito, etc.... (more)
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Shimano Coltsniper Rock Pop Lure - 90F 90mm 23g - Mazume B. The Coltsniper RockPop 90F is a 9cm long popper which is designed to trigger the SW pelagic hunting predators like seabass, bluefish and also tuna. The Coltsniper Rock Pop 90F by Shimano is a small popper, but which allows very long casts. Thanks to its weight of 23 grams and a very aerodynamic body it allows you to easily reach 60 meters of launch and thanks to the "Bubble Chumber" system consisting of two holes placed in the upper par... (more)
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