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Red Kettle

Red Kettle Javelin Holster. This is a holster for the Spartan Javelin range of bipods. It keeps your bipod secure on your belt, bag or bino harness. And ready for action. Easy access to the bipod means you will make the most of the Spartan system. And the patented b.Lock snap button minimises accidental opening and helps keep your bipod secure.... (more)
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Red Kettle Javelin Lite Holster. Light Javelin, Light holster. Built from mil-spec webbing, this is a no-nonsense piece of gear that does one thing well. It keeps your Javelin Light on your belt, within reach, ready for action. The bipod sits securely in the webbing loop, and we've added an elastic bungee to keep it from bouncing around. The holster works with all bipods in the Javelin series, with both standard and aftermarket S-type locking levers.... (more)
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Red Kettle Bino Caddy. The Bino Caddy is an adjustable pouch with a harness for carrying your binoculars on your chest. It lets you carry your binoculars securely, comfortably and ready for action when you need them.... (more)
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Red Kettle Small Utility Pouch. The Utility Pouch is a zipped pouch that attaches to the side strap of your Bino Caddy. It has one main compartment and two elastic webbing panels. So you can organise the accessories you bring hunting.... (more)
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Red Kettle Non Slip Rifle Sling. No more shrugging your shoulder. This is a rifle sling with a non-slip panel. The rubberised panel will grip your jacket and stop the rifle from sliding off your shoulder. No more shrugging and adjusting. You're free to focus on hunting.... (more)
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Red Kettle Quick Release Rifle Sling. The Quick Release Rifle Sling M19 is a sling that extends by the pull of a secure buckle. You can carry your rifle securely on your back. And get it into action in a matter of seconds. Sometimes you need both hands free when hunting from a bike. Or if you negotiate tough terrain. But carrying your rifle across you back slows you down. This sling provides secure carry and lets you stay fast.... (more)
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