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Ballistol Logo Ballistol Oil - Revolutionary oil that can be used around the house, garden and for hobbies such as shooting, fishing, hunting and car restoration. Originally developed for military use it became a household name in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Millions of users have experimented with BALLISTOL and found new surprising applications for it, some of which reach into the field of veterinary and even human medicine.


Ballistol Oil

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A universal oil for maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals coats and much more. Ideally suited for hunting and shooting sports, fishing, agriculture, household, gardening and handicrafts.... (more)
Neutralises acid residues of powder, removes traces of lead, copper and tombac. Cleans, maintains, lubricates, preserves and protects against rust. Does not resinify, creeps into finest fisures.... (more)
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A comprehensive Gun Maintenance Kit, comprising - Ballistol Universal Oil Spray, Gunex Spray, Balsin Stock Oil, Robla Solo MIL, Klever QuickBrowning, Robla Cold Degreaser, Sucolin Silk Tow, brushes, rags, and cleansing brush,... (more)
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Ballistol Gunex Gun And General Purpose Oil & Rust Protection - 200ml Spray. The perfect oil for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50°C up to 100°C).... (more)
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Ballistol GunCer Gun Grease - 10g.... (more)
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Ballistol Robla Cold Degreaser - 200ml Aerosol. You cannot do without it if you appreciate a superb and complete cleansing of your gun. Oil and grease are 100% removed from metallic surfaces, even persistent remainders of grease and resin will disappear without any problems using Robla Cold Degreaser.... (more)
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Ballistol GunCer Gun Tuning Agent - 50ml. This high-tech gun oil from Ballistol was developed specifically for marksmen, hunters and law enforcement and is suitable for all rifles and handguns. Ceramic additives ensure the function, the performance and the accuracy of the gun and reduce the wear.... (more)
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Ballistol Quick Browning Set. Complete set containing everything for preparing and finishing the metal surface of your firearms.... (more)
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Compact and convenient way to get to hard-to-reach parts. To refill, screw off the head, take out the inlay and refill with Ballistol oil, replace inlay, clean head and screw on tight. Forms a protective film on the metal and inhibits corrosion. Cleans and lubricates. Ballistol cleans, maintains and preserves all parts of the weapon including wood and leather.... (more)
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Ballistol Gun Cleaning Felt Pad. This high quality felt pad is the best protection of your gun and keeps your place clean while cleaning your firearm. The pad is abrasion resistant and contains a rubber base. The pad can easily be stored in your gun case or gun cleaning box.... (more)
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Ballistol Pluvonin Waterproofing Spray - 200ml. Pluvonin offers extreme water and dirt proofing and repellent coating for all natural and synthetic fabrics as well as leather on the basis of the very latest technology. All textiles and natural leathers are cared for and waterproofed, including those subjects to the toughest weather conditions.... (more)
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Stingfree protects for up to six hours against some insect bites such as from gnats, stinging flies, gadflies, mosquitoes, sandflies, tropical mopane-flies and tsetse flies.... (more)
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Ballistol Animal Oil - 100ml. Apply BALLISTOL Animal after brushing and pet hair & fur will become shiny and manageable. Mane & tail crusts will soften up and dissolve. Hooves should be cleaned first then painted with BALLISTOL Animal. Chafing, e.g. at the base of the tail, and sore spots from the saddle should be treat twice a day with BALLISTOL Animal.... (more)
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Ballistol Animal Care Cloths - 10 Pack. Paper towels with a deep penetrating effect and disinfecting properties, for use on animals.... (more)
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Ballistol Ceramic Chain Oil - 65ml. Developed especially to provide lubrication for extreme requirements on the chain, cassette and gears.... (more)
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Ballistol BikeCer Ceramic Chain Oil Spray - 100ml Aerosol. Developed especially to provide lubrication for extreme requirements on the chain, cassette and gears.... (more)
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Ballistol Bike-X-Lube Chain Oil Spray - 100ml Aerosol. Lubricates chains, cassettes and gears.... (more)
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Ballistol BikeClean - Available in 110ml or 500ml Pump Spray. Intensive foam cleaner for thorough cleaning of the entire bicycle, including the chain.... (more)
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Ballistol BikeDryLube Teflon Spray - 100ml Aerosol. Durable and long lasting dry lubricant.... (more)
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Ballistol BikeSilex Silicone Spray - 100ml Aerosol. Lubrication, protection and preservation for all bicycle parts made of rubber, plastic and metal.... (more)
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Ballistol Bike-X-Lube Chain Oil Spray - 100ml Aerosol. The premium universal impregnation for all textiles around cycling. Biker-Wet-Protect is ideal for all fabrics, functional clothing, leather and suede. biker Wet-Protect offers an extremely water- and dirt-repellent, breathable dirt repellent coating for all natural and synthetic fibers and leather, based on the latest technology.... (more)
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