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PelletMate Pellet Holder

Image of PelletMate Pellet Holder
Image of PelletMate Pellet Holder
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Product Details

Our code: 103740

• Rubberised pellet holder
• .22 or .177
• Complete with neck cord
• Allows quick and silent retrieval of pellets, even in the dark
• Holds up to 38 pellets

Product Reviews

Review by Carl Mcnulty

Excellent little product for the 22 pellet, quality materials and will not damage pellets, easy to load and unload. A great buy and cheap as chips.

Review by Ross

great product, keeps the pellets close to hand and they are very easily accessed

Review by Chris Edwards

Holds as many as you need for a hunt, silent to pull one out, easy to put them in. No damaged pellets during hunt (used over last 2 years with zero problems). Only downside is the neck cord is a little long but thats not even a problem....

Great bit of kit, wouldn't be without it now.

Review by Nick Bishop

These are great for those with a.22 but if you have a .177 then the pellet gets mishapen too easily.

Review by Ross

Great idea but in practice can cause the pellets to be mis-shapen when removing them in the case of .177

More robust .22 pellets do not suffer in the same way.

Review by Nathan

Great little product for when your on a stalk.

Bomb up the holder, stick it around your neck or in a pocket and there is no need to worry about them rattling in a tin, or getting disfigured in your pocket.

Silent operation. Great product.

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