Burris Ballistic LaserScope 4-12x42 Rifle Scope

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Product Details

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Available Reticles:

 Reticle Eliminator

The Ballistic LaserScope is in a league of its own. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, simplicity, repeatability and effectiveness. You do the hunting and shooting, the Ballistic LaserScope will do the memorizing and calculating.

No more guessing distance or fumbling with a handheld device. No more losing sight of your trophy. No more guessing holdover.

The Ballistic LaserScope, your hunting partner, knows exactly how far away your game stands and exactly what your cartridge will do. With the Ballistic, just Range, Aim and Fire.

The LaserScope provides a sophisticated yet very simple and accurate means of tailoring the scope's trajectory compensation to virtually any cartridge. The scope provides a listing of nearly 600 factory loaded cartridges along with a two digit drop number associated with each.

A few clicks in the set-up mode is all it takes to enter or change the drop number to perfectly match your specific cartridge's ballistic performance.

Code 200113
Model 4-12x42mm
Reticle Eliminator
Finish Matte
Laser Range(reflective*) 730m
Laser Range(deer*) 500m
Laser Accuracy 8.8-21.9
Batteries CR2
Field of View (at 100 m) 8.3-3m
Exit Pupil 10.5-3.5cm
Click cm/100m 0.7cm
Max Adj. cm/100m 140cm
Weight 737 g
Optimum Eye Relief 7.6-8.9cm
Overall Length 330mm
Operating Temp. -10°C to +50°C

Product Specification

Tube Diameter n/a
Magnification 4-12 x
Objective lens diameter 42 mm
No. reticles available 1
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Exit pupil diameter 10.5-3.5 mm
Field of view 8.3-3 m/100m
Illuminated reticle No
Length 13 in
Weight 737 g
Finish Matte
Colour Black

Product Reviews

Collected via uttings.co.uk 5 star review

Just a follow up from the last Review. I was up one of the High Seats in one of the Wood I Shoot in (Freewood) Today. When I had packed up it was getting dark, we have feed bins out at a 100 yds from the high seat, I could hardly make them out with the naked Eye, but when I put My T3 up to see if I could see anything at all, I could see the feed bin well enough to make a safe shot. So even though it has a 42mm lens the light gathering is fantastic, well pleased with that.

Collected via uttings.co.uk 5 star review

The Scope is very easy to set up. I was using Reloads. After setting up at 100 yds I used the closest value for my reloded round and shot 3 rounds at 500 yds, all 3 hit a 4 ft target slightly to the left and 15" low. I then adjusted the value for my scope by adding ther 15 to the number already in the scope, another 3 rounds, still to the left but spot on for height,at the time a 6mph wind. 400, 300, 200yds spot on, I think it is worth every pound. (Round .243 win 85g HP)

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