Air Arms Diabolo Field PLUS HEAVY .22 (5.52) Pellets x 250

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Product Reviews: 3.5 star review (12)

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Air Arms Diabolo Field PLUS HEAVY .22 (5.52) Pellets x 250 - 1 Tin

Price £7.49
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Air Arms Diabolo Field PLUS HEAVY .22 (5.52) Pellets x 250 - 5 Tins

Price £36.00
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Air Arms Diabolo Field PLUS HEAVY .22 (5.52) Pellets x 250 - 10 Tins

Price £70.00
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Product Details

Manufacturer code: AIFP5.52     |     Our code: 109224

Pellet Guide

Air Arms Field Plus Domed Heavyweight Pellets. When only the best will do, choose Air Arms pellets.

Consistency and accuracy are the key to successful shooting and the Air Arms Diablo Field Heavy delivers both in abundance. Stringent controls ensure that the pellets are produced to the highest standards, giving you confidence with that all important shot. A popular choice with FAC rated rifle shooters, the heavier pellet delivers devastating stopping power.
Weight: 18 gr

Product Specification

Calibre .22 (5.52)
Weight 18.1 Grains
Pack Quantity 250
Type Domed

Product Reviews

Collected via 4.5 star review

Excellent pelley in FA Air Arms - never had a damaged pellet in 10 years.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

These pellets are the very best for one of my rifles.They are consistent pellet after pellet.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Work well in my FAC Theoben Rapid 7.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

Air Arms S510FAC most accurate projectile.

Collected via Trustpilot 5 star review

A favourite pellet for a great rifle.

Collected via 4 star review

Well I seem to have received a good tin as well. All were in perfect shape with no damaged skirts. These fly beautifully out of my 12ftlb BSA Ultra, and have slightly tighter groupings than the 16Gn AA Diablos. The extra 10% in weight makes them less prone to wind shift as well.

Collected via 5 star review

What a fantastic pellet, purchased a 1000 very few damaged,groups really really well in my 40ft lb Air Ranger. This is the one for me.

Collected via 3.5 star review

Recommended for 30ft lbs, so I bought 2 tins of 16grn. Yes damaged pellets but only because one tin had not travelled well. But accuracy was assured. Over the chrono: AA Field 16grn AV 866fps for 26.6 ft lbs. AA diablo 18grn. AV 819fps for 26.8 ft lbs.also accurate. But I have settled for Logan 16grn simple because of its performance in my Ranger. Penetrators 16grn AV881fps for 27.5 ft lbs.

Collected via 1 star review

I've been a big fan of AA pellets of other sizes/weights but these 18g have disappointed. A large percentage of the tin were damaged , I will be buying JSB in future.

Collected via 2 star review

i bought 1 tin and was amazed at how well they grouped, best pellet iv ever used and iv tried a hell of a lot. so i purchased ten tins to keep me going, 50 % are bent and they just dont seem as well made. the ends of the skirts are not even square. not happy!

Collected via 5 star review

Been using these pellets in various FAC rated rifles (30fpe) for a number of years now, outstanding accuracy and consistency, never let me down. I have NEVER had any damaged or defective pellets in large numbers, the odd 5 - 10 yes but never anymore than that. A seriously good pellet for high power rifles.

Collected via 2.5 star review

Nice tight group at 50 yards with my FAC FX Cyclone. Very accurate and consistent pellet in my gun. Air Arms pellets do tend to have very soft skirts that are prone to damage so need careful handling and storage. I have had experience similar to the first reviewer with AA Field pellets. On opening a tin an unacceptably high number were damaged.

Collected via 1.5 star review

I purchased a tin of these pellets to try on my Daystate Huntsman Classic XL FAC 30lb. On opening tin out of 250pellets 166 the skirts were so badly damaged I couldn't get them in magazine; I didn't waste my time trying 84 pellets through rifle as it wouldn't have been enough to zero rifle from 5yards out to 65 yards. A complete waste of £7.49 shame as 18 grain is ideal compromise for a FAC doing 30ft lbs.

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