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Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Monoculars, Night Vision Rifle Scopes & Thermal Imaging

When shooting by night, Night Vision Optics are indispensable for a successful hunting experience. With Gen 1 night vision, Gen 2 night vision and digital night vision night sights, night vision binoculars and more, we have everything you require for night shooting.

Uttings offer a huge selection of Nightvision Optics for whatever application you require, including Nightvision Binoculars, Nightvision Monoculars, Nightvision Goggles and Nightvision Rifle Scopes.

For leisure or professional shooting, give yourself the best chance of making the shot in the field by night by taking a look through our selection of Nightvision Optics and Nightvision torches at Uttings today.


Celestron NV-2 Night Vision Scope - Black

Ideal for wildlife observation, security surveillance and a variety of other applications! Up to 200m range!
Celestron NV-2 Night Vision Scope. The Celestron NV-2 Night Vision Scope is a one-hand scope that offers both dusk and night-vision viewing, still image and video recording, in-device playback, and more. It’s the ideal tool for wildlife observation, security surveillance, and a variety of other applications. The scope allows for long-distance viewing of subjects up to 200 meters away. Best of all, you can capture and save photos and videos of all your discoveries on the NV-2’s included 8 GB micr... (more)
3 star review (1) RRP £279.99 £249.00 In stock Purchase Options
Guide IR TrackIR TK35 Thermal Imaging (400x300) Monocular. The TrackIR Series of thermal imaging monocular features a 400x300 17µm <50mK NETD thermal sensor & image enhancement for performance imaging combined with a 50Hz refresh rate and a 1280x960 HD LCOS display resulting in a smooth & crisp viewing experience. The TrackIR 35 has a native magnification of 2.3x, with a digital zoom of 4x, resulting in a 9.2x total magnification which alongside the units long distance detection (Humans: 1000m,... (more)
4 star review (1)     £1649.95 In stock Purchase Options
Pard NV019 Night Vision Monocular. The Pard NV019 is a handheld spotting monocular with 1-6x optical zoom, a powerful built in IR illuminator and extra digital zoom. It also features WIFI and /mp4 video recording.... (more)
3.5 star review (4)     £268.99 In stock Purchase Options