Nightvision & Thermal

An excellent value entry level night vision spotter. These feature a single front lens and IR illuminator on the front and a single large screen inside the unit that you look through with both eyes. The 400m model has a 3.5x magnification and a 4x digital zoom. Video and images can be captured and can be played back on the device. 8GB memory card included. 2 yr warranty.... (more)
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Elite Essentials Ignite X50 IR Illuminator Torch

Includes Case, Rat Tail, Battery and Charger
The X50 IR Illuminator Torch has a 50mm focusable head, a picatinny mount, a rat tail remote, rechargeable battery - supplied in a plastic hard case.... (more)
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The X20 Illuminator torch contains a 20mm head IR illuminator torch, a Picatinny mount, 2 batteries - supplied in a metal tin.... (more)
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Nite Site Spotter Carry Strap.... (more)
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NiteSite Belt Pouch for 6Ah Lithium Ion Battery. This is NiteSite's Belt Pouch for 5.5Ah and 6Ah lithium ion batteries. Attach your battery pack to your belt for enhanced freedom of movement.... (more)
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