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Yellow Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It Safety Light. The Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It is an ultra-lightweight safety and signal light that is built into a carabiner. Using a spring-loaded quick-clip carabiner mount, the Tag-It™ can be quickly clipped to a bike or running vests, rucksacks, D-rings, straps, handles, belt loops, etc. – such that you become highly visible at night.... (more)
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Adventure Lights Guardian Expedition Light - Yellow

Ideal for camping, hiking, travelling, running, skiing, swimming, fishing or hunting! Green Yellow Red Blue White
In situations where being seen is a must, The Guardian sets unsurpassed standards in it’s versatility and durability. The Guardian is an ultra lightweight, reliable and bright Visual Identification Beacon/Flashlight that has multiple applications in a wide variety of environments.... (more)
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By very popular demand this version of the Guardian is available as the perfect companion for nighttime and early morning training sessions. The light comes with a belt clip and arm band.... (more)
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