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Rocklands Mere Fishery

Yellow Fishing Special Offers

Cortland Classic 444 Sylk Fly Line - 30yds. For some anglers, there's no replacement for the unique feel of a bamboo rod. The 444 Classic Sylk is the first modern line designed specifically for fine bamboo rods by replicating the diameter, long gradual taper, supple feel and natural color of oiled silk. Its gentle casting qualities have obvious advantages in low-water situations as well.... (more)
Lenz Tay Acetate Sunglasses. Are you tired of specialized sunglasses for fishing that make you look super nerdy? The Tay might as well have been a pair of high-end fashion sunglasses, but besides their modern and elegant look, they provide you with optimal fish-spotting qualities.... (more)
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Waterproof to 30 m, shockproof, freeze-proof, and dustproof. This camera goes where you go. And brings back great images to prove it.... (more)
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Snowbee XS-Plus Nano Countdown 2 Slow Sink-Tip Fly Line - 7ft. In a pastel shade of primrose, this is the slowest sinking option in the series. With a 7ft clear tip, and super slick XS-Plus Nano coated and low stretch monofilament core, the line is well equipped for extreme casting and maximum sensitivity, just beneath the surface even at range.... (more)
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This new range comes in a hi-viz Chartreuse colour, which has proved to be attractive to most species of fish. The angled head design causes the jig-head to sit head-down, with the hook at 45? to the bottom. Fish this over sand or gravel, by ‘twitching’ it and it looks to a marauding predator, just like a sandeel or worm, trying to escape by burying itself in the bottom.... (more)
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Streamworks Forceps. A patented combination tool with unique lateral Power Jaws™ that de-barbs hooks. Provides the gripping power of pliers eliminating the need to carry two tools.... (more)
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Streamworks Mini Scissor Forceps. Compact 3.5" stainless steel scissor-forceps have a smooth jaw surface to prevent hook damage while crimping barbs on small hooks and flies. Micro-serrated edge makes cutting Dacron®, Spiderwire, and other braided lines quick and easy.... (more)
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