Red Fishing Special Offers

Asso Protector Tapered Shock Leader - 5 x 15m. When fishing from the shore a Shock Leader is essential. Asso Protector Tapered Leaders offer any angler an improved option to a length of heavy line. Having a thin end tapering to a thick shock leader means you can tie a knot with 2 lines of similar diameter, this means a much smaller neater knot which offers less resistance when casting and improves distance.... (more)
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Berkley XTS Saltwater Mono Line - Red

Choice of 7 sizes - 12lbs, 15lbs, 18lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs &45lbs
This new premium mono from Berkley (XTS Red) has been specifically designed to tackle the hardest of fighting fish; primarily aimed at the UK saltwater market, this line is ultra smooth, has outstanding knot test and shock strength. This red coloured mono just purrs off the spool on the cast, due to its limp and memory free nature!... (more)
Einarsson 7Plus Fly Reel - Left Hand Model. The 7plus reel from Einarsson is ideal for single handed and switch rod Atlantic and Pacific Salmon fishing, Trout and light saltwater fishing like Bonefish or coastal Sea Trout.... (more)
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Fishpond Kodiac 4.5" Moulded Reel Case. The Kodiak reel case is serious protection for your coveted hardware, available in three sizes to accommodate a wide variety of reels.... (more)
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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT30 Waterproof Camera. The LUMIX DMC-FT30 offers extra toughness by extending its waterproof performance to 8 m / 26 ft. A variety of special modes, including Time Lapse Shot and Creative Panorama, and a host of attractive filter effects, are added to expand the shooting experience.... (more)
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Rapala Max Rap Long Lure - 12cm. Tip to tail, everything about the MaxRap is premium. Designed for maximum casting distances via internal MaxCast mechanism. Rip for darting, wild searching action or straight retrieve for hardfl ashing “wounded-minnow” Rapala wobble.... (more)
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Rapala Jointed Lure - 11cm. With a slight exaggeration of the unique Rapala “baitfish in distress” swimming action, the Jointed® gets the undivided attention of otherwise disinterested gamefish.... (more)
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Rapala Jointed Lure - 13cm. With a slight exaggeration of the unique Rapala “baitfish in distress” swimming action, the Jointed® gets the undivided attention of otherwise disinterested gamefish.... (more)
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A smaller version of Snowbee's popular Venom Shad pattern, with a Paddletail, for exaggerated movement, even when moved slowly. 5.5cm length, 1.5g weight.... (more)
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The super-soft body of the Snowbee Stinger Slider Lure is dual-poured to give a different colour back and belly and has life-like 3D epoxy eyes, as a ‘trigger-point’. Two panels of multiple ribs around the underside, provide added vibrations and flexibility, for a realistic, erratic action which imitates a dying, struggling baitfish.... (more)
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Sonik AVX 10000 Surf Reel. A superbly smooth and highly functional reel with slow oscillation and long coned spool for super smooth line lay and ultra-long distance casts. With 14 ball bearings, strong gears and oversize rubber crank handle for effective retrieval at range, the sensitive front drag system also makes it ideal for use with low diameter lines.... (more)
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Tilley The Tilley Wanderer Hat. This unique hat started wandering from the minute it left the designers’ thoughts. It’s travelled through 23 sets of expert hands, stopping off so that each could apply their individual skill and expertise. It’s taken this journey, so that it could join you on yours.... (more)
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Westin 1 Piece Flotation Suit. This flotation suit is designed and developed with a single purpose - to create the ultimate flotation suit by all measures. From the very beginning the suit is designed to fit and meet the demands of the typical hardcore angler. Safety, durability, practical details and a close fit that still allows the wearer to move around free are all important characteristics of this suit. And all are characteristics that you will appreciate every time the weather turns bad.... (more)
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