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Handcrafted waders with high quality natural rubber. Polyester jersey lining with Sanitized® protection, rot-proof, washable and fast-drying.... (more)
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Aigle Clerks Thermo-Kit Fleece Jacket.... (more)
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Aigle Shepper W Fleece Waistcoat. Sleeveless version of the Garrano W Jacket, in Polartec fabric. Totally timeless style with its closer to the body tailoring for greater comfort and character.... (more)
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Hybrid construction provides excellent protection and venting exactly where needed. T2 anti-shock cushioning at achilles, heel and metatarsal head.... (more)
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Browning Windsor Fleece Vest. Wind resistant and breathable polar vest, featuring the X-Change zipper system allowing you to attach different insulating products on the inside of XPO light and Windsor Coats.... (more)
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Browning Winter Wax Fleece Cap with Ear Flaps. Lightweight cap with ear flaps, perfect for cold weather game and waterfowl hunting.... (more)
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Buff High UV Protection Headwear with Insect Shield. High UV Insect Shield BUFF is a seamless, multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many warm and hot weather activities. Made with Coolmax Extreme, High UV Insect Shield BUFF will wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin faster than any other fabric whilst offering protection from pesky insects and bags. Designed to fit adult heads 53 - 62 cm.... (more)
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Cortland Precision Trout Boss Dyna-Tip HTX Floating Fly Line. The Trout Boss just got more boss with a complex new taper, thinner core and our new proprietary heat-tempered surface treatment (HTx). Built a full-size heavy, the 46.5’ head design helps load fast action rods and increase line speed. A thinner core gives the line a smaller diameter-to-mass ratio without skewing its specific gravity or killing energy transfer.... (more)
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Cortland Precision SL Big Fly - 2' Dyna Tip Floating Fly Line. Just as some fish are bigger than others, some flies are bigger too. And when it gets right down to it, sending one of those big fuzzy flies sailing across the sky is half the fun.... (more)
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Cortland 444 Type 2 Camo Ghost Tip Fly Line - 30yds. Designed by top American nymphing expert Denny Rickards the Cortland 444 Clear Camo Ghost Tip. The olive green floating section is combined with a 7' Clear Camo tip to make it the most spook-free line in the business.... (more)
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Costa Del Mar Fisch Polarised Sunglasses - Black Frame / Green Mirror 580G Lenses

These block the perfect amount of glare for fish spotting - highly recommended - FREE Head Strap and Cleaning Kit (RRP £23.99) Black Frame / Green Mirror 580G Lenses Black Frame / Blue Mirror 580G Lenses
Chris Fischer and his crew are living, breathing, modern-day adventurers and you can bet he's always got a pair of Costas around his neck. Fisch frames feature no-slip Hydrolite lining and our signature three-hole venting system.... (more)
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Sharper angles, wide temples and no-slip Hydrolite construction make these new frames instant classics. And the co-molded frame's design offer up the perfect balance between modern style and aggressiveness.... (more)
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Oyster Bay Sunglasses. Known for being the location of Theodore Roosevelt's residence, Oyster Bay was named for the fine quality of its oysters. These medium-sized frames feature rectangular lenses and are among our most lightweight thanks to their rimless construction. These sunglasses also reflect Roosevelt's dedication to conservation, as they're made from our castor-based earth-friendly bio-resin.... (more)
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Costa Del Mar Kiwa Retro Sunglasses - Tortoise Frame / Green P Lens

FREE Head Strap and Cleaning Kit (RRP £23.99) Tortoise Frame / Copper P Lens Tortoise Frame / Green P Lens
Kiwa Retro Sunglasses. These frames are named in honour of one of the divine guardians of the ocean in the traditions of some of the Maori tribes of New Zealand. And these aviator-style sunglasses will look after you by protecting your eyes from harsh sun while you're on the water. The frame features gripping Hydrolite nose and temple pads, and are made from bio-based resin out of respect to the environmental gods.... (more)
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Tasman Sea Retro Sunglasses. This body of water between New Zealand and Australia has been called one of the roughest stretches of sea in the world. The gripper temple holes of these large frames will keep them in place on any journey, and when you finally make it to land they’re just as useful while you kick back and relax behind their beach styling. Bio-based resin is used to stay mindful of both the sea and the shore.... (more)
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Costa Del Mar Cook Sunglasses. Captain James Cook was an epic explorer, navigator and cartographer, and we believe there's a little of him in all of us. Map your own course for adventures both far and near with these large lightweight frames made from corrosion-free titanium. The material also lends flexibility to the temples and, combined with Hydrolite, ensures they stay put as you chart unfamiliar and unpredictable waters.... (more)
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Costa Del Mar Bloke Sunglasses - Verde Teak Frame - Green 580P Lens

FREE Head Strap and Cleaning Kit (RRP £23.99) Verde Teak Frame - Green 580P Lens Black / Grey Frame - Silver 580P Lens
Bloke Sunglasses. Costa Del Mar Bloke 580G Polarized Sunglasses are new for 2017! These XL frame sunglasses will fit larger head sizes comfortably. They look amazing and perform even better! Blokes feature heavy-duty TR-90 bio resin frames that are extremely durable, rugged and chip proof. They are infused with Hydrolite in the nose and temple pad areas so they stay on your face, even when wet.... (more)
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Reefton Retro Sunglasses. Costa® Reefton 580G Polarized Sunglasses are inspired by the freshwater fishing from 12 different rivers in New Zealand's Reefton.... (more)
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Fishpond Sagebrush Mesh Vest. The integration of new fabric makes the Sagebrush Mesh Vest look even better. But it is still one of the most durable, and cool, vests around. It has an entirely mesh rear, so matter the temperature you are not sweating it, and it still has side pockets that will take large-sized fly boxes without blinking.... (more)
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Fishpond Kingfisher Tech Vest. Built of tan recycled commercial fishing net material called Cyclepond, has three hard pockets on the front for flies, two pockets on the back, a rear D-ring for a securing a net, plenty of extra zippered pockets for storing odds and ends, a nifty Hypalon tab for securing hemos, and fleece lined handwarmer pockets.... (more)
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Fishpond Wasatch Tech Pack. Perfect for hiking into those top-secret backcountry fishing spots, or any time you're spending a long day on the water, the Wasatch Tech pack combines a vest-style front with a versatile backpack and hydration reservoir pocket.... (more)
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Fishpond Wildhorse Tech Pack. The crown jewel of the Fishpond vest line, the Wildhorse Tech Pack is actually a vest and backpack rolled into one. It has all the front facing pockets you'd ever need to store and easily access your gear, plus two of the guide-favorite drop down fly benches with replaceable foam inserts.... (more)
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Fishpond Arroyo Chest Pack. Built for the minimalist angler and the quick afternoon trip to the water, the Arroyo Chest Pack is big enough to fit a nymph and dry box, but small enough to be utilized as it's meant, up front and personal. Nevertheless, if you have a hankering to move fast, engage the hip straps to transform it for lumbar use. Despite its compactness, there is plenty of space for flies and tools, and has a zippered front flap with replaceable foam for bench work. Stay nimble.... (more)
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Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack. More flexible than a veteran yoga instructor, the Emcampment Lumbar Pack is Fishpond's 2014 entrant into the Most Versatile Pack contest. Sized for a couple of fly boxes and all your accessories, yet with enough support for heavier loads, it's constructed of recycled commercial fishing net material and outfitted with water-resistent zippers, cord loops for securing yet more gizmos, and nifty zippered pockets along the lumbar straps for quick access to the little ... (more)
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Fishpond Blue River Chest/Backpack System. The Blue River Chest/Lumbar pack is a great alternative to a vest, with the versatility to be worn as a lumbar, chest or sling pack. Regardless of how you wear it, everything you need on the water is right at your disposal, and out of the way when you don't. You'll be surprised at how much you can carry in the the Blue River pack.... (more)
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Fishpond Black Canyon Backpack. Fishpond's most technical pack to date. This is the pack for you if you like to get off the beaten path and explore. Designed with the avid angler in mind, the size allows you to carry any extra gear while the new fabric and zippers help to keep your valuables dry.... (more)
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Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack. There's a reason that more professional guides use this pack than any other pack on the market. With capacity that will rival - or even exceed - a lot of vests, the Waterdance is considered the "ultimate" lumbar pack, with its two zippered main compartments and signature "zip-down" fly bench.... (more)
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Fishpond Thunderhead Sling. Thunderhead: ‘a cumulonimbus cloud seen during thunderstorms.’ The team at FishPond skipped Latin class - went fishing instead, as should you - but they gather it is a very tall, large cloud just itching to dump massive quantities of rain on your head. And gear … they heard these things love soaking gear. Hence they developed a waterproof sling that would show contempt for these clouds with their fancy titles. It has spacious interior for everything you want dry, and... (more)
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Fishpond Cutbank Gear Bag. Designed to organize gear and keep it dry, the Cutbank Gear Bag features the signature Fishpond molded bottom and welded 1680d recycled TPU fabric. This gear and tackle bag is an organization system that allows for easy access wherever your adventures take you. Removable interior organization pads allow you to pack this bag flat, and then fill it with all the important stuff once you get to the boat.... (more)
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Fishpond Westwater Roll Top Duffel. It has the capacity to haul a full day's worth of gear, no problem! It has a roll-top design to keep that gear dry and secure, no problem! It has single-hand, side-strap, and rubber shoulder straps to pick up, pull out, and carry it away, no problem! The Westwater Roll Top Duffel means you are all out of excuses. Go fishing!... (more)
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Fishpond Road Trip Fly Tying Kit. The Road Trip Fly Tying Kit - because sometimes the best inspiration happens when you're out there. Designed to carry everything you'll likely need for those late-night sessions on the picnic table, in a compact, durable package. The Road Trip sports a padded pocket for your vise, spool tubes, a ton of pockets in various sizes, and a removable organizer box for hooks, coneheads, etc.... (more)
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Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit. With the Tomahawk Fly Tying Kit, you can have everything organized ahead of time, all the time. Multiple see-through windowed pouches, tubes for thread spools, and even an vise storage area. Get busy tying flies.... (more)
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Fishpond 360 Degree Swivel Retractor. The Fishpond Swivel Retractor is designed to be fool-proof. Fly-fishing is a game of fooling, and the Fishpond 360 Degree Swivel Retractor is designed to be fool-proof. Once pinned to your vest or pack, it can rotate 360 degrees, thereby keeping what's attached accessible and untangled. No cord or wire to snap either - the retractor coil hides inside the durable aluminum retractor body until you need it.... (more)
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Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Back Pack. This fully submersible backpack is one of FishPond's toughest bags ever.... (more)
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Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor. Quite possibly the most purposeful, elegant, and timeless piece of design by mankind is the arrowhead.... (more)
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Completely waterproof and windproof fishing trousers from Fladen.... (more)
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Thinsulate Gloves will help keep your hands as warm as toast with their thermal properties in the workplace or in outdoor or indoor environments where your hands need to be protected from the cold.... (more)
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Quality made thermal fleece neck gaiter. Pull it down over your head and around your neck and pull the draw-cord to keep the draughts out. It can also be used as a warm hat by pulling the draw-cord in completely closing off one end. Quality made soft fleece material, quick drying, draw cord/elastic with button lock, one size fits all, lightweight and compact (will fit in coat pocket when not in use) and can be used as scarf or hat.... (more)
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Grubs Eskline 8.5 Wellington Boots. A wellington combining Grub's unique Insu-Foam Ultra technology with advanced 8.5 thermal engineering.... (more)
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Guideline 2 Layer Laxa Wading Jacket. A new, modern, very light and comfortable wading jacket made of 2.5-layer Japanese high quality nylon Taslan fabric. The performance specifications of the Microporous coating are 10 000mm/ psi WP / 7000g/m2/24hrs MVP.... (more)
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Guideline Experience Jacket. This is a new and improved version of the earlier model with a cut based off our classic Alta jacket.... (more)
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Guideline Match The Hatch Cap. What is hatching? Do you have the right fly? Matching The Hatch is the essence of fly fishing. The Guideline Caddis fly shows that you are serious about it. The cap is a low profile trucker made of brushed cotton twill that also looks good on people with smaller heads. The color is navy front with stone mesh. Velcro closure in the back. One size fits most.... (more)
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Guideline Trucker Cap. Are you young at heart or maybe a little retro? Trucker is a classic trucker caps with khaki coloured mesh and a raised 3D Guideline logo in the front.... (more)
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Guideline Fario Cap. Another new cap for the Fario addict. It is made of brushed cotton twill with velcro closure in the back. The color is Hunter green with our Fario logo in front. One size fits most.... (more)
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Helly Hansen Daybreaker 1/2 Zip Fleece. This super-lightweight 1/2 zip design is a must-have. This fleece for men is highly versatile as a pullover to stay warm during chilly autumn nights, as a light mid layer in spring and summer or paired with some classic Helly Hansen base layers in winter. This 1/2 zip, warm, breathable and comfortable fleece is a year-round companion for any outdoor, sailing or ski enthusiast.... (more)
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LED Lenser NEO4 Headlamp. Running at night or in the dark requires effort. Ledlenser's NEO4 gives you everything you need to get out and do it. The unbeatable bang for the buck, the light weight and a first-class design make a very good argument to put on your running shoes and finally get going. Discover the virtually non-glare optics and the swivel-mounted headlamp, which light the way perfectly. And don't forget the Constant Current Mode, which provides constant illumination all the way to th... (more)
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LED Lenser NEO6R Headlamp. Get the NEO6R and join the club of night runners. Because if you are regularly out there doing your rounds in the dark, you need a headlamp that is quick to charge and start thanks to the micro USB and lithium ion battery. In true sportsmanlike fashion, this small but decisive advantage of the NEO6R cannot be seen from the outside, of course. The NEO6R will captivate you with its sporty design and weight of 95 g. In addition, Constant Current Mode provides you with con... (more)
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