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Berkley XTS Saltwater Mono Line - Red

Choice of 7 sizes - 12lbs, 15lbs, 18lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs &45lbs
This new premium mono from Berkley (XTS Red) has been specifically designed to tackle the hardest of fighting fish; primarily aimed at the UK saltwater market, this line is ultra smooth, has outstanding knot test and shock strength. This red coloured mono just purrs off the spool on the cast, due to its limp and memory free nature!... (more)
Berkley's Trilene XL Smooth Casting Line is an excellent all-purpose mono line that combines incredible handling with exceptional strength for trouble-free fishing. Famous for its super limpness, low memory, smooth handling and toughness, this easy-casting Trilene XL Line's unique formula also ensures less line twisting, fewer kinks, minimal backlashes and superior abrasion resistance.... (more)
Seabass are often deep, in strong streams. This kit will allow you to reach them!... (more)
  RRP £8.99 £5.00 In stock Purchase Options
These ready to fish sandeels are loaded with strong Powerbait scent which will entice the fish to bite. The different sizes and colours will allow you to face a wide variety of fishing conditions. Just cast it, the fish will bring it back. Available in 10cm, 12cm and 15cm sizes.... (more)
Vision Caribou Fly Vest. The Caribou vest has plenty of pockets, all well positioned and equipped with heavy-duty high quality zippers or Velcro.... (more)
5 star review (1) RRP £89.99 From £49.99 Check stock Purchase Options
Vision Mono Spring Creek Trout Leader - 12ft. In clear waters your classical 9ft leader can be too short. Our Spring Creek leader is tapered to work with dries and smaller nymphs when presentation and invisibility is the key for hooking a fish.... (more)
      £4.99 Check stock Purchase Options
Vision Mono Trout Leader - 9ft. These leaders are very powerful with long butts for the perfect turnover of large flies in all conditions.... (more)
      £4.99 Check stock Purchase Options
Vision Mono Classic Trout Leader - 9ft. Leaders with thinner butts and long thin tips, ideal for small flies and long drag free drifts.... (more)
      £4.99 Check stock Purchase Options