Green Orvis Fishing Special Offers

Orvis Hydros WF Nymph Freshwater Fly Line. Designed 1½ lines sizes larger to easily turn over large nymph and indicator rigs-no need to over-line the rod. Mending is advanced by a long rear head taper.... (more)
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Orvis Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip Fly Line. A specialized line designed to deliver big flies using a number of different casting techniques, including single-hand spey and roll casting.... (more)
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Orvis Super Strong Nylon Leaders - Pack of 2 - Olive

Choice of 16 sizes - Dependably strong nylon!
Super Strong fly fishing leaders excel because the nylon material balances three crucial elements better than any other: elasticity, knot strength and suppleness. The absolute best nylon material on the market. Super Strong's higher breaking strength will allow you to land and release fish quicker. How to calculate breaking strain of X rated tippet - the "Rule of 9": Subtract the X number from 9 to get the strength of nylon monofilament tippet. For example, a 5X leader has a breaking strai... (more)
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Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack. Experience casting freedom with our most popular fly-fishing sling pack.... (more)
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Orvis Safe Passage Guide Sling Pack. The Guide Sling Pack levels the playing field - you against that wily fish hiding on the far bank. Sling style allows the angler to wear it over one shoulder, completely out of the way, while allowing quick and easy access to gear.... (more)
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Orvis Safe Passage Chip Pack. Chest and hip pack wearers unite. The Chip Pack brings your favorite features together in one versatile design. A mid-size pack for the angler who likes the freedom of fishing without a vest, the Chip features two compartments and a bounty of interior pockets for storage.... (more)
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Orvis Safe Passage Hip Pack. Whether you prefer to wade in shallower waters or just like the comfort of a hip pack, free your upper body to cast and move naturally while placing the weight on your hips.... (more)
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Orvis Encounter Wading Jacket. Never leave home without rain gear. Easily packable men's Encounter waterproof, breathable jacket packs down into a vest pocket or kit bag. 2.5 layer fabric provides great protection from wind and water. Fully adjustable hood. YKK waterproof zippers. Single patch pocket on left chest to hold fly box or other accessories. Adjustable cuffs and drawcord around the waist provides a secure weatherproof fit. 100% nylon. Washable.... (more)
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Orvis Sandanona Wax Cloth Vest. Our popular Sandanona Wax Cloth Jacket has proven itself a trusted ally when protecting oneself from the cold, wet conditions that are synonymous with the autumn and winter months. We've incorporated all of the jacket's redeeming qualities into this wax cloth vest to create a versatile piece of gear that layers handsomely while providing core warmth and water resistance. Imported.... (more)
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Orvis Sandpoint Shirt. Technical performance meets the classic look of linen. Quick-dry fabric with mechanical stretch makes this button-front shirt perfectly suited for the beach or the dining table.... (more)
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