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Rocklands Mere Fishery



Asso Hard Skin Mono - 4oz Spool - Black

Asso Hard skin is their best selling copolymer, it has amazing strength, suppleness and abrasion resistance coupled with the fact it casts brilliantly Black White Orange Camo
4.5 star review (2) RRP £11.99 £8.00 Check stock

Asso Ultra Mono - 4oz Spool - Clear

Asso Ultra is a high quality copolymer with a fluorocarbon coating.
5 star review (2) RRP £14.99 £8.00 Check stock

Asso Protector Tapered Main Line 220m

The Protector Tapered Line is a single 220 Meter KNOTLESS line which has a built in shock leader and also made in coloured bands, so each 20 meters is a different colour
      £8.99 Check stock

Asso Protector Tapered Shock Leader - 5 x 15m - Clear

Having a thin end tapering to a thick shock leader means you can tie a knot with 2 lines of similar diameter resulting in a much smaller neater knot Clear Red
5 star review (2)     £7.99 Check stock

Deeper Smart Wireless Fishfinder

Compatible with iPhone and Android
  RRP £174.99 £149.00 In stock