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Designed with the entire blind community in mind, the Audible Beacon inspires confidence by helping people be seen. This safety light uses audible signals to indicate on/off, low battery, charging, and charge complete. The Audible Beacon is waterproof and rechargeable, using bright LED lights to boost visibility in all directions. A silicone mount attaches easily and securely to guide dog harnesses and canes, and the Quick Clip™ can clip to backpacks, coats, or other gear. With up to 12 hours of... (more)
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Scarab Trio 3 Colour LED Reachargeable Dog Safety Light. Scarab TRIO is a powerful LED beacon designed to keep you safe. The combination of Power LED and optical polymer gives you all-round visibility. With a push of a button you have a choice of 3 colours-RED-YELLOW-GREEN. You can adjust the power setting from low to high depending on your requirement. The optical lens material gives a “bulb” effect so you can see it from any orientation. Scarab Trio can be seen from over 4KM on the highest se... (more)
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