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Headwear Gift Ideas

Greys Camo Brand Cap. The camo trucker cap is made from 100% cotton twill and features a front panel of the Greys camo.... (more)
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With the increasing awareness of the harmful effects of too much sun, Snoebee are frequently asked for a Wide Brimmed Fishing Hat...well here it is.... (more)
4.5 star review (11) RRP £33.99 £29.99 Check stock Purchase Options
Swarovski Signal Cap. The classic SWAROVSKI OPTIK cap in green comprises six panels, with the front two being double-layered. The size can be adjusted using a Velcro fastener. The cap also has a leather patch on the right side, which can be used to attach personal objects.... (more)
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Swarovski Mesh Cap.... (more)
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Tilley Paddlers Hat. Is a day on land a day wasted? For those who love to paddle, we've designed the ultimate Paddler's Hat. Paddle in sun-protective comfort with our Paddler's Hat. Certified UPF 50+ sun protection, our Hat also features glare protection, wind resistant front brim for extra stability, temperature regulation & more.... (more)
4.5 star review (5) RRP £90.00 £69.00 Check stock Purchase Options
Tilley The Tilley Wanderer Hat. This unique hat started wandering from the minute it left the designers’ thoughts. It’s travelled through 23 sets of expert hands, stopping off so that each could apply their individual skill and expertise. It’s taken this journey, so that it could join you on yours.... (more)
4.5 star review (21) RRP £70.00 £53.99 Check stock Purchase Options