Gun Cleaning & Care

A comprehensive Gun Maintenance Kit, comprising - Ballistol Universal Oil Spray, Gunex Spray, Balsin Stock Oil, Robla Solo MIL, Klever QuickBrowning, Robla Cold Degreaser, Sucolin Silk Tow, brushes, rags, and cleansing brush,... (more)
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Beretta Transformer Neoprene Gun Sleeve Case. Packable neoprene gun sock.... (more)
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A deluxe cleaning kit in hard case suitable for use with calibres: .12, .20, .410, .45, .38, 30, 06 , 300WSM, 308, 270, 243, 7x64, 223, 6,5CM, .270, .22.... (more)
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The Bufflalo River rifle rest is designed for use on a range or in the field. Horizontal and vertical adjustments, Steel Cosntruction, Two piece construction with tightening tool, Adjustable feet with rubber pads, Coated gun holders.... (more)
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Caldwell 7-Rest Shooting Rest. The 7-Rest is a truly innovative shooting accessory that utilizes a unique design to deliver exceptional versatility and true value. The asymmetric frame provides great stability while maximizing length adjustability. By simply loosening the lock knob, the angle between the two halves of the frame can be adjusted to change the distance between the front and rear supports. Having the frame offset to the side of the gun also gives adequate clearance for extended maga... (more)
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Caldwell Zeromax Shooting Rest. The Caldwell ZeroMax Shooting Rest is a full-length metal rest that comes packed with all of the features that todays shooters demand. This no-frills full-length rest offers the shooter a rock-solid platform for quick and convenient set-up without the expense and complexity of other rests.... (more)
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A complete kit for the renovation of oil finished gunstocks.... (more)
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Hawke Pro Benchrest.... (more)
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Hoppe's Gun Vice. The Hoppeā€™s Gun Vice has dual lockable sides to hold your firearm securely in place without making a scratch. It also provides compartments to hold cleaning tools and small parts.... (more)
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The MTM Gun Vise features a fast, single adjustment clamp down and a secure non-marring hold. The gun forks are positioned high and low giving the option of a level clamp up for maintenance, or a sloped clamp up for drainage.... (more)
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The MTM Predator, with its exclusive Positive Four-Point Contact System, provides the stable, rock-solid platform that shooters demand of expensive metal rests, only at a fraction of the weight.... (more)
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Great for sighting in rifles and shotguns. The rear fork of the Site-In-Clean Rest can be removed for fast shooting.... (more)
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Great for sighting rifles and slug guns. The case holds the rest in top as a tray with room for shooting gear below.... (more)
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Gunsmith Maintenance Center - is one of the best gun maintenance support and gun cleaning products on the market!... (more)
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Case-Gard's RMC-1 is an active shooter's dream. Whether at the range or hunting camp this is the maintenance centre that goes where you go.... (more)
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Designed to carry and protect just about any type of gear that sportsmen needs for a great day outdoors. This large case features a foam set that can be used in the top or bottom part of the case, for your flexibility.... (more)
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Sporting a gun cleaning kit on top with a rifle maintenance cleaning stand base. It utilizes a two-piece design for compact transport and convenience. This setup is a must have for breaking in a new barrel, testing loads and sighting in rifles. Every one knows, how you run the first box of ammo though your new barrel, will effect it's group sizes the rest of it's life.... (more)
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Each kit comprises the Napier aluminium 3piece Rod, Brass Jag, Payne Galway Brush, 70ml Gun Oil Dispenser, 5 Field Patches and Super Clean patches, in fact everything you will ever need to keep your shotgun in perfect condition. Each item is securely held in place and makes an ideal travelling companion for your gun.... (more)
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Napier Wooden Boxed Shotgun Cleaning Kit. Kit Includes: 1 box of Ultra clean material, Ultra jag, Ultrasoft micro filament cloth, 10 Field Patches, 125ml VP90 Gun oil, 125ml Gun Cleaner Aerosol, Gun Grease and a 3 piece aluminium rod. All packed in a slide top wooden presentation box.... (more)
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Deluxe 3 Piece Rod, Bronze Brush, Wool Mop, Brass Jag and Duster, Burgundy Leatheret Box.... (more)
Deluxe 3 Piece Rod, Bisley Patches, Express Oil and 009 Solvent, Bronze Bristle Brush, Wool Mop, Brass Jag and Duster, Burgundy Leatheret Box.... (more)
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Deluxe 3 Piece Rod, Youngs 303, Youngs Express Oil, Bronze and Bristle Brushes, Wool Mop, Brass Jag and Duster, Wooden Presentaion Box.... (more)
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Deluxe 3 Piece Rod, Nickel Oil Bottle, Snap Caps and Extractor, Youngs Oil, Bronze Bristle Brush, Wool Mop, Brass Jag, Layered Wooden Presentaion Box.... (more)
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Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Rifle Cleaning Kit. Hold the power to clean your rifle in the palm of your hand with the Smith & Wesson M&P Compact Rifle Cleaning Kit. This kit comes in a semi-rigid, zippered carry case and can be used on .22 and .30 caliber rifles. Whether you travel a lot, clean at the range, or like to be organized at home, this kit is the perfect size for storing in small spaces, including a magazine pouch, and durable enough to take anywhere.... (more)
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A professional gun care vice designed to support any style forend and stock size. Strong and sturdy, the vice features rubber on the parts that come into contact with the gun and work surface to protect against scratches. Handy compartments are provided for storage of small components and Tetra gun care products.... (more)
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Tipton Power Clean Electric Gun Cleaning Brush Kit. Powered by 4 AA batteries for portability and long life (not included).... (more)
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Steady-Aim gun rest simplifies sighting in weapons or performing routine cleaning and maintenance. It has a heavy duty 1.5-inch steel construction and smooth precise micro elevation adjustment.... (more)
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Screwdrivers are the most important and most used gunsmithing tools. Wheelers Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Sets belong on every gunsmithing bench. The well thought-out bit selection will put an end to burred, buggered and busted up screw slots on any gun. Unlike other screwdriver suppliers, Wheelers engineers measured the screws on over one hundred modern and antique firearms to make sure that we offered bits for every situation. Whether you are working on a Browning Superposed, a Remington 70... (more)
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