Field Sports Gift Ideas

AirForceOne SiliconeSox Treated Pistol Sock. AirForceOne® SiliconeSox Treated Pistol Socks protect firearms during short/long-term storage or travel. Their thick, 100% polyester fabric protects against dirt and scratches and their Silicone treatment helps guard against rust. Silicone treated socks will not hold moisture. At 15" (38.5cm) in length, 4" (10cm) in depth (Unstretched) 7.5" 19cm (Stretched) the pistol variant is ideal for larger scoped PCP air pistols and CO2 replicas, again-longer th... (more)
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The SHOTWAVE™ Earbud allows you to protect your hearing AND listen to low-dB sounds in a small, comfortable silicone earbud system. SHOTWAVE™ Earbuds are unique due to their analog (non-electronic) proprietary design that allows the user control of sound protection through an external push button system. When you need maximum hearing protection-you push the selector button and an audible/ tactile click is heard/ felt. When you need less protection (i.e. hear conversations)-you push the selecto... (more)
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Beretta 3 Lens Set. Eyeglasses with 3 interchangeable lenses: yellow (poor atmospheric conditions,good for fog and dull), red (good for bright days), grey (for all weather use) adjustable nose new frame Beretta rigid Beretta case.... (more)
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Suits both Pistols and Rifles, suits both .177 and .22 calibres, 3 piece rod, contains Pellet remover, mops and brushes.... (more)
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12g, 20g & 410g (410 rod is metal), 3 piece Rod, Mop, Brass Spiral, Bronze Bristle and Oil Bottle, Wooden Presentation Box.... (more)
Funnel shaped to collect all waste in the reservoir in the rear. Suitable for standard 6¾" x 6¾" paper targets. Hanging eye on reverse.... (more)
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Bisley best leather pop-stud fastening.... (more)
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Brass Choke Gauge. Includes keyring. Available for 12g and 20g.... (more)
Browning Speed Cap. Classic adjustable curved brim ball cap with the advanced A-TACS camo pattern.... (more)
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Transform your scope into a total sighting system, giving you: Fastest Target Acquisition / Range Finding / Dual Zero / Low Light Shooting. Professional Class 3A laser sighting system with Tactical high intensity flashlight and pressure sensitive switches. Triple mount allows use with scopes with up to 50 mm objective lenses. Fits any 25mm(1") riflescope tube upto 50mm objective lens.... (more)
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The Bushnell Laser Boresighter's bright 2mw, battery powered 650 nm laser makes rapid, ultra precise work of boresighting. Created to meet the demands of gunsmiths and serious shooters, it includes arbors for .22- through .50- caliber firearms, including 12 & 20 gauge shotguns.... (more)
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Clulite Adjust-A-Beam Torch - Rechargeable

Impressive 500 lumens - 300m beam!
Clulite Adjust-A-Beam Torch - Rechargeable. Professional 500 lumen rechargeable LED torch with an impressive beam of 300 metres that is adjustable from spot to flood by sliding or retracting the head. The Adjust-a-Beam is compact and incredibly robust with an aircraft grade aluminium body. The tactical switch allows you to select high or low power mode so you always have exactly the amount of light you need. Comes complete with torch, rechargeable Li-ion battery and USB charging lead.... (more)
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Firebird AR40 Detonating Targets and Striker Plates for Air Rifles - 40mm Reactive Targets. A 40mm exploding target designed specifically for air rifles. When hit with a pellet the target ignites, producing a pyrotechnic reaction and loud bang, to reflect a direct hit. 10 in a pack, free magplate included.... (more)
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Available in single format to hold one certificate, or as a double to hold two certificates.... (more)
Gr8fun Kill Zone Target - Bunny. Life size silhouette with resetting paddles in the humane kill zones. A clear head shot takes down the top disc then a well placed heart and lung shot will reset.... (more)
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Hoppe's BoreSnake is the fastest bore cleaner on the planet. One pass loosens large particles, scrubs out the remaining residue with bronze brush, then swabs it all spotless with a cleaning area 160x larger than a standard patch. Never before has something mroe simple made such an impact in the shooting industry. The revolutionary single-piece BoreSnake takes the hassle and mess out of cleaning firearms.... (more)
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Impact Kinetics Pocket Zero Multi Position Target Holder. Launched in 2003 as the 'Field Zero Pocket Paper Target Holder' and then manufactured by BSA for several years, the high quality 3 position stainless steel holder is now available under the Impact Kinetics brand as the 'Pocket Zero'.... (more)
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MTM Quick Rest. MTM Quick Rest is a lightweight, simple designed front rifle rest. Ideal for checking your rifle at hunting camp or at the range. The rest is non-adjustable and is hollow in design to make it lightweight.... (more)
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RWS Pellet Saver

Keeps tins securely closed!
Rottweil Pellet Saver. Handy Pellet saver to keep your pellets safe in your bag or pocket.... (more)
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Smart and handy telescopic stick with a very strong magnet. Easily collects 15 empty cartridge shells at one time. Perfect for driven shoots and shooting grounds.... (more)
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SportEar X-PRO Ear Plugs. The X-Pro Earplug will give you comfortable hearing protection you can turn on and off with the push of a button.... (more)
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A plastic handled, nylon bristled cleaning brush for those difficult to reach recesses.... (more)
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Uncle Mikes Tri-Lock QD Swivels. The QD Super Swivels with Tri-Lock from Uncle Mike's are the super strong swivels you expect from Uncle Mike's with the extra security against accidental opening. The QD Super Swivels offer flawless fit and silent operation that make them ideal for hunting rifles and shotguns. They detach quickly like standard QD swivels, but the Tri-Lock system offers additional security from unwanted opening that no one else can offer.... (more)
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Zippo 12 Hr Hand Warmer - Black. With a new and improved filling process that makes firing up these little pocket sized furnaces easier than ever. Fill the cup, light the burner, and go! They provide up to 12 hours of gentle, consistent heat. And they're odourless so the only thing that stinks is the alternative to not using them: frozen fingers.... (more)
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