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Field Sports

Clenzoil Field & Range Solution w/Trigger - 8oz. Clenzoil® Field & Range™ is a high quality one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative for Lock, Stock, and Barrel™. The 8 oz. Trigger Sprayer is great for a light surface coating and for getting those hard to reach places. This product is also great around the house!... (more)
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Clenzoil Field & Range Needle Oiler - 1oz. Clenzoil® Field & Range™ is a high quality one-step cleaner, lubricant, and rust preventative for Lock, Stock, and Barrel™. It is effective in removing oils, dirt, copper, lead, and other contaminants. It provides a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust, and lubricates all moving parts of fine firearms and sporting equipment.... (more)
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Clenzoil Patch Kit - 75 Patches. The Clenzoil® Field & Range™ Patch Kit is the ultimate “One-Step-Solution” for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting fine firearms.... (more)
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Clenzoil Hinge Pin Jelly. Clenzoil® Hinge Pin Jelly Grease will work in freshwater, saltwater . . . even underwater! This premium grade grease has built-in rust inhibitors that will stop oxidation dead in its tracks. Use it on hinge pins for side-by-side and over and under shotguns. Use it on slide rails, bolts, receiver rails, axles, etc. Clenzoil® HPJ Grease can be used on any load bearing surface or friction point where heavier grease is needed. This 100% synthetic grease is the world’s best ... (more)
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Clenzoil Lambs Wool Applicator. High quality lambs wool applicators are approximately 5? diameter and are perfect for use with our Clenzoil® Field & Range™ solution. Simply pour a generous amount of Clenzoil® onto the lambs wool applicator and use it to wipe down your knives, handguns, and long guns. All lambs’ wool is vegetable tanned and will not harm any firearm finish.... (more)
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Clenzoil Rifle/Shotgun Protective Sleeve. Clenzoil® Firearm Protective Sleeves are recommended by the Clenzoil® staff for storing your handguns, shotguns, and rifles after cleaning with Clenzoil® Field & Range™ solution. All firearm protective sleeves are silicone treated from the factory. Once your Clenzoil® treated firearm has been stored in the protective sleeve, its effectiveness is greatly enhanced by its continued long-term exposure to the Clenzoil® formula. The rifle sleeve is 52 inches l... (more)
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Clenzoil Field & Range Saturated Wipes. The same great Clenzoil® Field & Range™ in a saturated wipe! Clenzoil Field & Range Saturated Wipes are ideal for a quick and easy wipe down after a day in the field or on the range but can also double as bore patches after being cut into appropriate sized strips as needed. Each container comes packed with approximately 50 – 5” x 7” cotton fiber pre-saturated wipes.... (more)
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Clenzoil Field & Range Cobra Cleaning System. The Clenzoil® Cobra is a high quality bore cleaning system that incorporates all of the essential components of effective bore cleaning into one unique design. When used in conjunction with Clenzoil® Field & Range solution, the Clenzoil Cobra provides a quick and easy solution to regular firearm maintenance. Its integrated bronze brush effectively loosens fouling and lead, and the woven cotton braid that follows collects the debris. Completely washab... (more)
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Simms Camp Gift Pack. Pull a flush and celebrate with a sip. Simms' Camp Gift Pack is the perfect kit for off-the-grid, unplugged entertainment. The collection includes a 7oz. camo stainless-steel flask and a matching deck of Camo printed playing cards.... (more)
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