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Field Sports

Outers Tri-Care Gun Cloth. Flannel cloth for cleaning lubricating and protecting metal firearm parts.... (more)
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Outers Crud Cutter Aerosol - 16oz. This effective cleaner quickly blasts away of grease, dirt and oil build-ups, while softening powder and plastic wad residue. It dries quickly without residue, leaving metal clean and free of debris. This product is also effective at removing plastic fouling from choke tubes.... (more)
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Outers Choke Tube & Gun Grease - 1.5oz. This heavy bodied grease type lubricant is perfect for choke tube threads and moving parts such as hinge pins on break open shotguns.... (more)
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Outers Gun Blue - 2oz. Gun blue is a cold chemical that penetrates to leave a deep, lasting blue-black finish. Steel wool and patches are included.... (more)
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Outers Rust Remover - 2oz. Outers Rust Remover will not remove bluing and is excellent for displacing water.... (more)
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Outers Utility Gun Brush Set.... (more)
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Outers Gun Cleaning Tool Set. From duck sloughs to deer blinds, cornfields to the high country, Outers has taken care of the American hunter no matter where they roam. Outers offers quality gun care products that maximize shooting adventures.... (more)
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Outers Bulk Cotton Patches - All Sizes - 200pk.... (more)
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