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Field Sports

A red/brown stain that can be diluted to the desired strength. 50ml... (more)
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A best seller, this oil restores the sheen to existing oil finishes. It's easy to use and brings out the best in any piece of wood.... (more)

CCL Hand Polishing Kit

2 Sizes Available
A kit of two products that bring a real shine to the wood, without the heavy appearance created by a sprayed finish.... (more)

CCL Oil Finishing Kit

2 Sizes Available
A kit of three products that work together to create a traditional English hand-rubbed oil finish Includes the red root oil which is famous for the way it enhances the figure in the wood, oil hardener, polishing compound and abrasive paper for the gun owner to produce a fine professional hand rubbed, protective oil finish.... (more)
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Excellent for all gunstocks, it improves and weatherproofs and is specially recommended for the aftercare of all oil finishes.... (more)
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Fills very open-grain stocks. It is fast drying and allows the use of supplementary oils.... (more)
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Makes for the easy removal of sprayed finishes prior to applying a traditional oil finish. 100ml... (more)
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A complete kit for the renovation of oil finished gunstocks.... (more)
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