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Bore Blitz Cleaning Tool. BoreBlitz is a pull through cleaning device that cleans the barrel and chamber of any firearm fast and effectively in shooting direction, without the need to disassemble the gun. Simply drop the brass weight through the barrel of the unloaded firearm and pull the device through the barrel. Available for a wide range of calibres.... (more)
HSF Dartmoor Jacket. Created for outdoor people this extremely tough range of clothing and accessories has been designed to provide maximum weather protection whilst taking everything the countryside can throw at it.... (more)
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The HSF Camo T Shirt is perfect for layering up with other garments or as a lightweight alternative to heavy camo jackets. The HS camo T-shirt with its high contrast GC pattern is a low cost and versatile addition to any hunting outfit.... (more)
Lens Hood for Leica 42mm ERI Rifle Scopes.... (more)
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Leica Magnus i 1-6.3x24 IR Rifle Scope. Due to its combination of maximum resolving power, an extremely broad overview and an astoundingly wide field of view of 44 metres at 100 metres, the Magnus 1?6.3x24 i ensures significantly greater safety and hunting success.... (more)
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Leica Magnus i 1.5-10x42 IR Rifle Scope. Thanks to its 6.7-fold zoom factor, the Magnus 1.5-10x42 i is as multi-faceted as hunting itself. This riflescope is a universal all-rounder for stalking, shooting from blinds or driven hunts, at close or long range, and offers maximum versatility and superior accuracy in every hunting situation.... (more)
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Leica Magnus i 1.8-12x50 IR Rifle Scope. The new Magnus 1.8–12x50 i is an ideal addition to our high-quality Magnus line. Thanks to its compact dimensions and a large, 50 mm objective lens, it is an extremely versatile riflescope for hunting from blinds and when stalking. Its outstanding zoom factor and a minimum magnification of 1.8x also make it the ideal choice for driven hunts.... (more)
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