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Ballistol Oil

4 Sizes Available
A universal oil for maintaining metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals coats and much more. Ideally suited for hunting and shooting sports, fishing, agriculture, household, gardening and handicrafts.... (more)
Neutralises acid residues of powder, removes traces of lead, copper and tombac. Cleans, maintains, lubricates, preserves and protects against rust. Does not resinify, creeps into finest fisures.... (more)
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A comprehensive Gun Maintenance Kit, comprising - Ballistol Universal Oil Spray, Gunex Spray, Balsin Stock Oil, Robla Solo MIL, Klever QuickBrowning, Robla Cold Degreaser, Sucolin Silk Tow, brushes, rags, and cleansing brush,... (more)
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Ballistol Gunex Gun And General Purpose Oil & Rust Protection - 200ml Spray. The perfect oil for the long-term preservation of bare metallic parts, even in extreme conditions (-50°C up to 100°C).... (more)
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Ballistol GunCer Gun Grease - 10g.... (more)
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Ballistol Robla Cold Degreaser - 200ml Aerosol. You cannot do without it if you appreciate a superb and complete cleansing of your gun. Oil and grease are 100% removed from metallic surfaces, even persistent remainders of grease and resin will disappear without any problems using Robla Cold Degreaser.... (more)
      £5.99 Temp. Unavailable -
Ballistol GunCer Gun Tuning Agent - 50ml. This high-tech gun oil from Ballistol was developed specifically for marksmen, hunters and law enforcement and is suitable for all rifles and handguns. Ceramic additives ensure the function, the performance and the accuracy of the gun and reduce the wear.... (more)
      £4.99 Temp. Unavailable -
Ballistol Quick Browning Set. Complete set containing everything for preparing and finishing the metal surface of your firearms.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £18.99 Temp. Unavailable -
Compact and convenient way to get to hard-to-reach parts. To refill, screw off the head, take out the inlay and refill with Ballistol oil, replace inlay, clean head and screw on tight. Forms a protective film on the metal and inhibits corrosion. Cleans and lubricates. Ballistol cleans, maintains and preserves all parts of the weapon including wood and leather.... (more)
      £4.99 Temp. Unavailable -
Ballistol Gun Cleaning Felt Pad. This high quality felt pad is the best protection of your gun and keeps your place clean while cleaning your firearm. The pad is abrasion resistant and contains a rubber base. The pad can easily be stored in your gun case or gun cleaning box.... (more)
4 star review (1)     £7.99 Temp. Unavailable -
KG KG-1 Carbon Remover. KG-1 was the first product introduced to the shooting sports industry to specifically meet the need to remove carbon buildup and is the first step in the cleaning process.... (more)
5 star review (3)     £8.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG KG-2 Bore Polish. KG-2 was originally developed to maintain the bore integrity of rifles. Unlike most other mechanical products, KG-2 contains no ammonia and is a 1200-1400grit soft compound to remove copper and lead, while leaving the integrity of the bore. 4oz bottle.... (more)
5 star review (2)     £18.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG KG-3 Solvent & Degreaser. KG-3 is a non-chlorinated ozone safe formula used to remove the residue loosened by KG-1, KG-2, KG-12 and for cleaning and degreasing parts. KG-3 contains a special formulation of fast drying, water-displacing solvents which will rapidly cut through oil and grease without leaving a residue. 19oz cannister.... (more)
5 star review (2)     £16.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG KG-4 Gun Oil. KG-4 Gun Oil meets the stringent requirements set forth in the original Military Specification Mil-L-63460 D. It is a blend of the finest lubricants available and contains no synthetics. 2oz bottle.... (more)
5 star review (2)     £9.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG KG-5 Trigger Lube. KG-5 Trigger Lube is formulated specifically for trigger mechanisms and provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection.... (more)
      £9.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner. KG-12 was developed specifically to clean the copper fouling from large bore military weapons. KG-12 provides professional shooters, gunsmiths, armorers, hunters and other firearm enthusiasts with a product that will remove the toughest copper fouling without damaging the bore. 4oz. bottle.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £16.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG KG-410 Lightweight Gun Oil. KG’s Light Weight Penetrating Oil is intended for use when a fast, temporary cleaning is necessary. 8oz bottle.... (more)
      £13.99 In stock Purchase Options
KG Gun Cleaning Mat. The KG Gun Mat is a useful and practical product that solves the problem of trying to find something to clean your guns on, besides the bathroom towels or news papers.... (more)
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SportEar XP3 Ear Plugs. SportEAR XP3 Plugs offer the perfect combination of superior comfort and design with extraordinary economy and value. Quality enough to keep forever, economical enough to toss when the time is right.... (more)
      £16.99 Out of stock -
SportEar XP Reactor Earplugs. SportEAR Axil XP Reactor Ear Plugs were created not only for preventing hearing loss, but for shooting and hunting, improving focus and sleep, minimizing distractions, and for controlling your overall auditory environment. These ear plugs provide a small constant amount of noise reduction, which is barely enough to take the edge off of ambient noise and background chatter. You will still be able to hear everything around you, including voices, clearly. But when a lo... (more)
5 star review (1)     £19.99 In stock Purchase Options
SportEar X-PRO Ear Plugs. The X-Pro Earplug will give you comfortable hearing protection you can turn on and off with the push of a button.... (more)
3 star review (4)     £19.99 In stock Purchase Options
SportEar XT4 Electronic Earmuffs. The XT4 allows you both volume and frequency control. Protect and amplify your hearing to where, even at full volume, you can confidently pull the trigger knowing that the sound-blocker circuit kicks in above 85 dB. The Noise Rating Reduction (NRR) is 25 dB.... (more)
  WAS £69.99 £49.99 In stock Purchase Options

SportEar Ghost Stryke Essential In Ear Hearing Protection

Highest quality hearing protection and enhancement in the same device!
SportEar Ghost Stryke Essential In Ear Hearing Protection. Ghost Stryke Essential Universal Hearing Protection and Enhancement - The Ghost Stryke Essential is the ultimate in hearing enhancement with up to 8x increase to normal hearing that provides full surround sound to help you hear clearly in all environments. With a 12 hour run and a rechargeable batter that is ready to go after 1.5 hours you will be able to enjoy all your activities without interruption.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £149.99 In stock Purchase Options
SportEar Trackr Electronic Earmuff.... (more)
      £69.99 In stock Purchase Options