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KG KG-1 Carbon Remover. KG-1 was the first product introduced to the shooting sports industry to specifically meet the need to remove carbon buildup and is the first step in the cleaning process.... (more)
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KG KG-2 Bore Polish. KG-2 was originally developed to maintain the bore integrity of rifles. Unlike most other mechanical products, KG-2 contains no ammonia and is a 1200-1400grit soft compound to remove copper and lead, while leaving the integrity of the bore. 4oz bottle.... (more)
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KG KG-3 Solvent & Degreaser. KG-3 is a non-chlorinated ozone safe formula used to remove the residue loosened by KG-1, KG-2, KG-12 and for cleaning and degreasing parts. KG-3 contains a special formulation of fast drying, water-displacing solvents which will rapidly cut through oil and grease without leaving a residue. 19oz cannister.... (more)
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KG KG-4 Gun Oil. KG-4 Gun Oil meets the stringent requirements set forth in the original Military Specification Mil-L-63460 D. It is a blend of the finest lubricants available and contains no synthetics. 2oz bottle.... (more)
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KG KG-5 Trigger Lube. KG-5 Trigger Lube is formulated specifically for trigger mechanisms and provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection.... (more)
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KG KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner. KG-12 was developed specifically to clean the copper fouling from large bore military weapons. KG-12 provides professional shooters, gunsmiths, armorers, hunters and other firearm enthusiasts with a product that will remove the toughest copper fouling without damaging the bore. 4oz. bottle.... (more)
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KG KG-410 Lightweight Gun Oil. KG’s Light Weight Penetrating Oil is intended for use when a fast, temporary cleaning is necessary. 8oz bottle.... (more)
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KG Gun Cleaning Mat. The KG Gun Mat is a useful and practical product that solves the problem of trying to find something to clean your guns on, besides the bathroom towels or news papers.... (more)
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MTM Quick Rest. MTM Quick Rest is a lightweight, simple designed front rifle rest. Ideal for checking your rifle at hunting camp or at the range. The rest is non-adjustable and is hollow in design to make it lightweight.... (more)
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Looking for an affordable, 'all-around' Front Rifle Rest? You just found it! The versatile, MTM Front Rifle Rest offers excellent, rock-solid stability at a price any shooter can afford. This three legged rest not only accommodates nearly any shape gun stock but handgun enthusiasts will find it just as accurate.... (more)
4.5 star review (8)     £34.99 In stock Purchase Options
There is nothing better than a cool sunny day, a box of ammo and your new or favorite rifle to sight in. We all know that every box of ammo should be checked for point of impact and re-sighted in. The K Zone Shooting Rest is the tool you need for better accuracy.... (more)
3 star review (1)     £54.99 In stock Purchase Options
The MTM Gun Vise features a fast, single adjustment clamp down and a secure non-marring hold. The gun forks are positioned high and low giving the option of a level clamp up for maintenance, or a sloped clamp up for drainage.... (more)
4.5 star review (3)     £56.99 In stock Purchase Options
The MTM Predator, with its exclusive Positive Four-Point Contact System, provides the stable, rock-solid platform that shooters demand of expensive metal rests, only at a fraction of the weight.... (more)
4 star review (1)     £64.99 In stock Purchase Options
Great for sighting in rifles and shotguns. The rear fork of the Site-In-Clean Rest can be removed for fast shooting.... (more)
      £54.99 In stock Purchase Options
Great for sighting rifles and slug guns. The case holds the rest in top as a tray with room for shooting gear below.... (more)
      £89.99 Out of stock -
Gunsmith Maintenance Center - is one of the best gun maintenance support and gun cleaning products on the market!... (more)
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Case-Gard's RMC-1 is an active shooter's dream. Whether at the range or hunting camp this is the maintenance centre that goes where you go.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £54.99 Out of stock -
A snap close, three compartment handy box.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £3.99 In stock Purchase Options
Designed to carry and protect just about any type of gear that sportsmen needs for a great day outdoors. This large case features a foam set that can be used in the top or bottom part of the case, for your flexibility.... (more)
      £42.99 Out of stock -
Sporting a gun cleaning kit on top with a rifle maintenance cleaning stand base. It utilizes a two-piece design for compact transport and convenience. This setup is a must have for breaking in a new barrel, testing loads and sighting in rifles. Every one knows, how you run the first box of ammo though your new barrel, will effect it's group sizes the rest of it's life.... (more)
4.5 star review (4)     £64.99 In stock Purchase Options
Tweed shotgun slip with a traditional flap and buckle opening plus a full-length zip, allowing for easy drying. Bridle Leather shoulder sling, hand-sewn blocked muzzle end and a padded fleece lining are standard features. Made from 100% Wool with a rubber membrain as waterproofing.... (more)
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For Semiautos & revolver up to 6" barrel.... (more)
4 star review (1)     £12.99 In stock Purchase Options
For semiautos or scoped revolvers up to 8.8" barrel. Lockable with padlock. Black.... (more)
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The favorite among 22 rifle caliber small bore competitors. Holds 30 rounds - three strings - projectile down for easy handling.... (more)
      £11.49 In stock Purchase Options
The SB-200 was not only designed for 22 rifle small bore competitors, but also for varmint hunters and plinkers. It will easily hold 100 rounds in the down position for easy access during competition. Space in the center is available which can hold two full 50 round boxes. Recently retooled and now fits 17 HMR.... (more)
5 star review (2)     £14.99 In stock Purchase Options
Want to hold up to 50 rounds of 9mm, 30 Luger, 32 S&W, 380 ACP, 9mm Makarov ammo conveniently?. They are stackable for storage, feature an easy-to-grip textured surface and come with a load label. Max. OAL= 1.23"... (more)
      £2.49 Out of stock -
MTM originated the 100 round flip-top handgun ammo boxes over 30 years ago. The Case-Gard P-100’s are the perfect ammo carrier for the handgunner who wants to spend several hours at the range. Ideal for storing reloads. They have an easy to grip, scuff-resistant textured surface and are stackable. For 9mm Luger, 380 ACP, 30 Luger, 9mm Makarov ammo. Max. OAL = 1.22”... (more)
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MTM RM-100 - Ammo Boxes. Designed for great afternoon of varmint or competitive shooting. Made of virtually indestructible polypropylene that will not warp, crack, chip, peel, expand or contract, MTM CASE-GARD rifle ammunition cases are still the first choice of rifle enthusiasts throughout the world. Mechanical hinge that is guaranted for 25 years. Snap-Lock latch protects contents from accidental spilling. Textured finish makes it easier to grip and harder to scratch.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £7.99 In stock Purchase Options
Holds 9 rounds of the following; 17 Rem, 22BR, 223 Rem, 303 Sav., 30-30 Win, 6x47, 7.62x39 Rus.... (more)
      £7.99 In stock Purchase Options
Holds 9 rounds of the following; 220 Swift, 22-250 Rem, 243 Win, 250 Sav, 30-06 Spr, 303 Brit, 308, 45-70 Govt., 6mm Rem., 7.65x53 Mauser... (more)
      £7.99 Out of stock -
Hlds 30 rounds 22 long rifle & 17 HMR.... (more)
      £6.99 In stock Purchase Options
MTM Flip Top Ammo Box .17 HMR, .22. Flip top box for calibres .17 HMR and .22. Holds up to 100 rounds.... (more)
3 star review (2)     £3.99 In stock Purchase Options
The S25-12M holds 25 shotshells in the down position. The latch has been designed to be opened easily, even with gloves. Has a mechanical hinge. The 10 gauge shells fit tight and will loosen up after a few uses.... (more)
5 star review (2)     £5.49 In stock Purchase Options
MTM Case-Gard™ introduces a pocket-sized powder reloading scale that is sure to satisfy all hunters, from first time loaders to competitive and archery shooters.... (more)
5 star review (3)     £49.99 In stock Purchase Options
The EZ-Throw is the original patented design clay target thrower. Its one-piece design throws clay faster and farther than most mechanical throws and it will not break or rust. The "power curve", as we call it, gives you a smooth throw. So easy to use, whether you are right or left-handed, with a little practice, you will soon be throwing jump birds, curves and ground skimmers. Total length: 19".... (more)
      £7.99 Out of stock -
Worlds Easiest Handheld Clay Thrower MTM Case-Gard introduces the world's easiest, handheld clay target tricky gimmicks, no tangled bands or expensive mechanics, just easy, affordable clay launching fun.... (more)
      £7.99 Out of stock -
The Compact Video Recorder CVR640 is a compact and lightweight, portable electronic unit designed to record the image produced by Digital Night Vision devices equipped with a Video Out.... (more)
4.5 star review (1) RRP £129.95 £119.99 Order Now - 7-10 Days Purchase Options