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Tarps & Shelters

The simplest and lightest form of shelter is a tarp, the Terra Nova Adventure Tarp is great for sleeping out under the stars.... (more)
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B.A.S.E All Weather Tarp, with a single person design eliminating the need for a full size tarp. Lightweight and compact, it protects against the sun and foul weather. Includes tarp, guy lines and steel stakes and stuff sack for carrying components when not in use.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Technologies B.A.S.E Hex Tarp. The B.A.S.E. Hex Tarp design provides excellent coverage in all weather conditions.... (more)
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Vango Trek Tarp. The Vango Trek Tarp is a lightweight addition to any trekking tent to extend the storage and living space. Quick and easy to erect, the tarp fits both front and side entry trekking tents and is specified with the same lightweight but robust fabric. Ideal for those weight conscious hikers and multi-day trekking where extra space is wanted or needed.... (more)
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