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Adventure Medical Kits Escape Lite Bivvy. You want to go 'Light and Fast' but you need a backcountry shelter that breathes. The Escape Lite Bivvy was developed especially for you! Constructed with proprietary Escape fabric and with a minimalist design the Escape Lite weighs in at only 5.5 oz and packs incredibly small.... (more)
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Biolite PowerLight Mini. Go hands free with this ultraslim clippable lantern that moves with you for on-the-go light and power. Slip it onto a pocket or strap and avoid harsh glares with BioLite edge-lighting, helping you see and be seen on the trail or on your commute. A 1350mAh USB rechargeable battery provides up to 52 hours of light or a backup boost to your phone. It's a headlamp, lantern, and bikelight all in one highly compact form.... (more)
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EKA has done it again! The G3 is a new take on the original tried and proven design and concept. The G3 has a more ergonomically designed and formed handle for an exceptional grip and feel in the user’s hand. Quickly switch between the Skinning Blade and the Gutting Blade with a simple fluid motion when the lock button is depressed.... (more)
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Medical shears with multiple tools. The Leatherman Raptor features the necessary tools for uniformed professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. Developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs and fire professionals, the Raptor has just the right balance of multipurpose features for medical-specific ops without an overkill of tools to complicate sometimes life-threatening situations. When it's a question of survival, the Raptor answers loud and clear.... (more)
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Petzl MYO Headlamp. Powerful multi-beam headlamp intended for endurance-oriented outdoor activities. 370 lumens maximum. The MYO headlamp is perfectly adapted to endurance activities, thanks to its balanced weight distribution on the head. Performance is based on CONSTANT LIGHTING technology (STANDARD LIGHTING in Maximum mode).... (more)
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The SparkForce Firestarter offers you an all-in-one compact, durable package, with a special alloy flint bar, hardened steel striker, and revolutionary WetFire tinder. Best of all, you can get over 4,000 strikes out of a single SparkForce FireStarter.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Floating Butane Lighter with piezo-electric ignition performs without fail in the most adverse conditions. This unit does not contain fuel.... (more)
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B.A.S.E All Weather Tarp, with a single person design eliminating the need for a full size tarp. Lightweight and compact, it protects against the sun and foul weather. Includes tarp, guy lines and steel stakes and stuff sack for carrying components when not in use.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Urban Rescue Tool. For ultimate preparedness, the Urban Rescue Tool by Ultimate Survival is a convenient multi-tool which contains a glass breaker, sharp beveled knife blade, seat belt cutter, large flathead screwdriver and bottle opener in one tool.... (more)
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Ultimate Survival Technologies B.A.S.E Hex Tarp. The B.A.S.E. Hex Tarp design provides excellent coverage in all weather conditions.... (more)
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TekFire Fuel Free Lighter. The lightweight, compact TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter allows for quick and easy fire starting. It is windproof, flameless, electronic and requires no butane fuel or adjustments for altitude. The lighter comes with a USB cord for easy recharging from any USB port.... (more)
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USB Hand Warmer Charger. The slim and lightweight USB Hand Warmer provides soothing warmth for hours. Use it for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing and so much more.... (more)
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Gear Snake Tie Down. UST’s Gear Snake bendable steel wire cord with flexible foam rubber coating easily attaches gear or equipment together without knots to tie or hooks to slip. Ideal for tie downs, the strong, durable twist-tie material can be cut to length as needed with scissors or a knife. Perfect for camping, backpacking, hunting, and more, the Gear Snake cord won’t rust, slip, or stretch. It has a 16.5-foot length.... (more)
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VangoF10 XPD 3 Tent. Having supplied shelter to countless expeditions over the past 50 years, from pioneering Everest trips to Himalaya expeditions, we have poured all of our experience and athlete feedback into our latest expedition ten; the XPD. This 3 person, fully geodesic tent has an inner first pitch and double vestibules with snow skirt at sub 4.5kg weight. The XPD sets the standard for expedition tents.... (more)
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