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Clulite Club 1 Clu-Briter - Green

Rechargeable - 600m spot beam! Blue Green
A single high powered CREE LED and a focused reflector combine to create an amazing beam shining over 500m.... (more)
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Clulite Clu-Briter Flame LED Lamp - Flame Red

Rechargeable - 1000 lumens - 700m beam!
Clulite Clu-Briter Flame LED Lamp. The all new Clu-Briter Sport contains a brighter LED which shines up to 700m and is powered by lithium ion batteries contained within the handle making it our brightest and best model ever.... (more)
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An all weather Clu-Brither Storm Cree LED rechargeable spotlight.... (more)
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Clulite CLUB-ST Clu-Briter Storm Spotlight - LED - Yellow

Rechargeable, waterproof and submersible!
An all weather Clu-Brither Storm Cree LED spotlight.... (more)
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Clulite ML7 Mini Pro Torch - LED - Rechargeable - Black

Rechargeable - 200 lumens - 250m beam!
This is a small but powerful hand torch with a remarkable beam for its size of up 175 metres. Runs from a Li-ion battery and lasts up to 3 hours on high beam and 6 hours on low. It is very light to carry and small enough to fit into your pocket only 130mm in length.... (more)
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Clulite ML8 Pro Spotter Torch - LED - Rechargeable - Black

Excellent spot beam with pin-point accuracy! Rechargeable - 250 lumens - 300m beam!
Boasting virtually the same performance as the ML6 only without the dimming facility. Torch includes high and low beam brightness modes.... (more)
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Clulite ML1000 Pro Scanner Torch - LED - Rechargeable - Black

Wider beam - perfect for scanning. Rechargeable- 1000 lumens - 300m beam!
Giving illumination up to 300 metres from a single LED with the option of high or low beam. It is constructed from aircraft grade alloy which has been black anodised giving added protection and durability. Powered from the best quality li-ion 18650 battery which features a built in battery management system and is fully protected.... (more)
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Clulite HL10 Head-A-Lite

Rechargeable - low power consumption!
This high powered rechargeable headlight produces a beam not a glow.... (more)
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Clulite HL13 Super Spot Rechargeable Head-A-Lite. Super Spot Head-a-lite Rechargeable Headlight.... (more)
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Clulite HL18 Pro Beam 900 Rechargeable Head-A-Lite

Incredible power - 900 lumen - 400m beam!
Clulite Pro Beam 900 Rechargeable Head-A-Lite. The new 900 lumen Head light with incredible power illuminating up to 400 metres. The HL18 has a large (90mm) head to utilise the extra power obtained from the 10W LED giving a brilliant light output.... (more)
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Clulite HL20 COB LED Headlight

Lightweight and durable! 180 lumens - 30m beam!
Clulite HL20 COB LED Headlight. The new headlamp from Cluson Engineering is Super Bright! Ideal for walking your dog or working with your hands.... (more)
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Clulite HL21 Focus2Go Rechargeable Headlight

Adjustable beam - multi battery option!
Clulite HL21 Focus2Go Rechargeable Headlight. his Focus2Go rechargeable LED head light with adustable beam allows the user to select the beam style they prefer from wide beam to narrow spot and vertical adjustment through 90. It has a handy multi battery option-rechargeable (supplied) or AAA batteries for back-up power or extended duration 5 light modes including a red side light the Focus2Go delivers ideal illumination exactly where you need it!... (more)
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Clulite HL22 Way2Go Rechargeable Headlight

Lightweight and slim with incredible beam! Ideal for walking, running, hiking.
Clulite HL21 Way2Go Rechargeable Headlight. The Way2Go is a slim and sleek style LED head torch-great for all activities, walking, hiking, running and general everyday use. The Ultra Slim Head Light delivers style & comfort, equipping you for all manner of outdoor excursions. Lightweight and ultra slim producing an incredible beam. The head is adjustable in angle to direct light in any position. Excellent quality with long duration times per charge. Red rear light enhances safety. Supplied compl... (more)
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Clulite WL-6 COB LED Worklight

High strength magnetic base!
Clulite WL-6 COB LED Worklight. The COB LED work light has an output of 400 Lumens of intense light perfect for lighting up your work space. Secondary light modes include a low beam of 160 lumens and a red emergency flash mode. The red light is perfect for signalling or roadside emergencies It is has a high grade anodized aluminium body Water & impact resistant.... (more)
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Clulite WL-5 COB LED Rechargeable Worklight

Rechargeable work light which is lightweight, versatile, durable and reliable!
Clulite WL-5 COB LED Rechargeable Worklight. Professional quality COB LED rechargeable worklight. Super bright rechargeable torch and magnetic worklight perfect for DIY, camping, mechanics, fishing and emergency use.... (more)
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Clulite WL-10 Super COB Worklight - LED - Rechargeable

Rechargeable 500 lumens work light with dimmable beam and quick and easy docking station!
Clulite WL10 Super COB Worklight - LED - Rechargeable. 500 lumen rechargeable worklight with quick and easy docking station.... (more)
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Clulite WL-7 COB LED Floodlight - Rechargeable

Rechargeable 10w 750 lumen work light with 180° angle - perfect positioning and directional control!
Clulite COB LED Floodlight - Rechargeable. The perfect heavy duty portable work light giving a biliant surround light. The super bright 10w work light can be easily directed where it is needed by rotating the 180° degree handle. It also has a magnetic base allowing hands free use. Ideal for working where there is no mains power or a great back up lighting during power cuts. Giving a lighting time of up to 6 hours per charge. It also has the added benefit of a power bank function to charge your p... (more)
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Clulite PL-1 Pocket Light. Incredible 150m beam from a single AA battery.... (more)
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Clulite PL-2 Mini Pocket Light. The ultimate mini pocket torch. Only 85mm in length & produces a super bright beam 100m beam.... (more)
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Clulite Adjust-A-Beam Torch - Non-Rechargeable

Impressive 220 lumens - 150m beam!
Clulite Adjust-A-Beam Torch - Non-Rechargeable. Powerful, durable, adjustable pocket sized torch that weighs less than 110 grams. It gives an impressive light output of 220 lumens (150 metre beam) all packed in a compact body. The adjustable beam goes from spot to flood by pushing or retracting the head and has high and low brightness settings. With its durable design and adjustable focus this excellent torch is useful for many applications. Comes complete with 2 x AA batteries.... (more)
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Clulite Adjust-A-Beam Torch - Rechargeable

Impressive 500 lumens - 300m beam!
Clulite Adjust-A-Beam Torch - Rechargeable. Professional 500 lumen rechargeable LED torch with an impressive beam of 300 metres that is adjustable from spot to flood by sliding or retracting the head. The Adjust-a-Beam is compact and incredibly robust with an aircraft grade aluminium body. The tactical switch allows you to select high or low power mode so you always have exactly the amount of light you need. Comes complete with torch, rechargeable Li-ion battery and USB charging lead.... (more)
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Clulite Clu-Liter Classic Rechargeable LED Torch. Clulite’s most popular selling torch gets even better! The Clu-Liter Classic is now fitted with the latest CREE LED giving a new and improved 500m spectacular spot beam. Now 4 times brighter than the original!... (more)
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Clulite FL19 Mini LED Floodlight

Rechargeable 12W Portable Torch or Signal Light
Clulite FL19 Mini LED Floodlight. Portable LED floodlight that can be used as a torch or signal light. Super bright beam with excellent surround lighting.... (more)
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Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp. Evolving the next generation of the Family series was no easy task. When developing the Sync we started with the proven foundation of our stable asymmetrical single arm bracket, integrated essential modes to please a wide variety of discerning users, and tied it all together with an easy to use interface.... (more)
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The CrossCut is a precision instrument for cutting, gripping, personal care and the unexpected. SOG's gear driven Compound Leverage allows for big-sized cutting power to be truly miniaturized. Open the handles and these micro machines are ready to work for you.... (more)
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The new SOG Power Assist takes multi-tools to a new level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main tool is closed, and S.A.T. takes over to complete opening.... (more)
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A folding shovel can be an indispensable tool in today's constantly changing environment. We know one thing, when you need to move sand, dirt or snow you wish you had that shovel close at hand.... (more)
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