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Grey Tripods & Monopods


Gitzo GKTBB Mini Traveler Tripod Kit - Noir Decor

The perfect photographic travel companion!
Gitzo GKTBC Mini Traveler Tripod Kit. The Gitzo Mini Traveler is especially dedicated to professional photographers and promising amateurs who use mirrorless cameras or DSLR cameras with small lenses. This mini tripod provides great stability on a tabletop as well as on the ground and many other surfaces, unleashing photographers’ creativity without the hindrance of cumbersome equipment. It is the perfect photographic travel companion for those who want to travel light and fully equipped with re... (more)
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Quick release medium plate. Gitzo quick release plates come in three different profiles (A, B and C). Each profile is offered in different lengths (short or square, medium and long) and with different features (graduated, anti rotation pin) and attachments (1/4'' - 3/8''). In the new collection Gitzo unified some 1/4'' and 3/8'' attachment plates into a unique new code that includes 2 screws for both 1/4'' and 3/8'' sizes. Having two screws available for each attachment size is ideal, above all... (more)
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