Tamrac Nagano 16L Camera Backpack. An outdoor-focused pack, the Nagano 16L is built to house compact DSLRs, mirrorless systems, and action cameras. This rear-entry pack yields a surprisingly high volume carrying capacity, able to carry an 11" laptop or tablet, lenses up to 16" (54cm) in length, flash units, compact DSLR bodies, accessories, and more. The 12L pack also features durable, weather resistant fabrics, expandable side pockets, and an upper padded compartment for extra gear or persona... (more)
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Vanguard 2Go 30 Bag. 2GO messenger is a sleek, hassle-free bag for bringing your camera and other items along - wherever you go! Inside 2GOs main compartment, a soft inner box securely holds your camera and flash or extra lens, leaving space for other daily needs. Transform 2GO into an everyday messenger bag by simply removing this compartment.... (more)
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Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR Monopod With Tri-Feet And Smartphone Connector

Take anywhere support, perfect for a small scope
Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR Monopod With Tri-Feet And Smartphone Connector. The Vanguard VEO 2S AM-234TR Monopod with Tri-Feet and Smartphone Connector is a lightweight, compact, 23mm aluminium monopod with foldable feet. This monopod is great for shooting photo or video where a tripod isn't practical, but you need better stability than a traditional monopod.... (more)
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Vanguard Veo PA-65 Universal Digiscoping Adaptor For Smartphones

Attaches almost any smartphone to almost any scope for simple digiscoping, plus Bluetooth remote control
Vanguard Veo PA-65 Universal Digiscoping Adaptor For Smartphones. The VEO PA-65 is a digiscoping kit that will fit any smartphone up to 90mm wide, and can be used with almost any spotting scope from any brand to enable you to take captivating closeup shots and share them straight to social media.... (more)
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Vanguard Vesta 8320M Monocular + Smartphone Digiscoping Kit. The VESTA 8320M is a light, compact, robust monocular, which comes with a PA-60 universal smartphone adaptor and Bluetooth remote control for digiscoping, which allows you to get closer to the action for photography or video.... (more)
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Wimberley Head - Version II. The Wimberley Head is a specialized tripod head for telephoto lenses. Its gimbal-type design allows you to rotate your lens around its center of gravity and thus easily manipulate very large lenses. Since its introduction in 1991, the Wimberley Head has become the industry standard for serious nature photographers.... (more)
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Wimberley Plamp 2. One end of the Plamp clamps to your tripod while the other grasps the object. Use the Plamp to stabilize windblown subjects, adjust the position or angle of your subject, or move obstructing foliage. You can also use the Plamp to hold reflectors and lens shades. One day in the field or studio with a Plamp and you will begin to realize its full potential.... (more)
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Wimberley Plamp 2 - 12" Extension. 12" extender for the Wimberley Plamp 2. Useful if you use a 180mm or 200mm macro lens.... (more)
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Wimberley Arca-Swiss Style Lens Plate. An innovative line of Arca-Swiss style quick-release plates for collared lenses that attach to the foot of your lens. Available in 5 lengths.... (more)
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Wimberley Ground Plamp 2. The New PP-400 Ground Plamp is an articulating arm used to hold macro subjects and other useful objects. The stake is inserted into a variety of ground types and held by the pipe sheath connected to the arm. The other end (with the smaller black clip) grasps the object you wish to hold.... (more)
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