Optics Gift Ideas

Bisley Lens Cleaner - 100ml. Maximises clarity and brilliance. Our formulation is deliberately gentle to ensure that lacquer finishes are not harmed. The non smearing solution will enhance shooting, particularly in low light conditions. The Anti Static formulation will reduce further particles attaching to the lens. 100ml pump spray.... (more)
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Transform your scope into a total sighting system, giving you: Fastest Target Acquisition / Range Finding / Dual Zero / Low Light Shooting. Professional Class 3A laser sighting system with Tactical high intensity flashlight and pressure sensitive switches. Triple mount allows use with scopes with up to 50 mm objective lenses. Fits any 25mm(1") riflescope tube upto 50mm objective lens.... (more)
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The Bushnell Laser Boresighter's bright 2mw, battery powered 650 nm laser makes rapid, ultra precise work of boresighting. Created to meet the demands of gunsmiths and serious shooters, it includes arbors for .22- through .50- caliber firearms, including 12 & 20 gauge shotguns.... (more)
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Bushnell Magnetic Boresighter. Bore sight almost any caliber firearm with the Magnetic Boresighter from Bushnell. This boresighter utilizes a magnet to hold it in place on the end of the barrel so no arbors are necessary for operation. This process saves you time and hassle at the range by aligning your scope's reticle with the bore to get your shots on paper quickly for hassle-free sighting-in.... (more)
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A highly effective lens-protection system at a great price - a long-time favourite with hunters and shooters everywhere.... (more)
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The quick and precise targeting system.... (more)
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A self-contained LED illuminator with integrated Red Laser designed to attach to weaver/picatiny rails. The illuminator features a high performance LED with a spot reflector capable of distances of up to 150m. The unit is moulded from tough composite material – designed to withstand heavy use.... (more)
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This useful tool features one slotted screwdriver, two Torx® drivers, and five hex-head drivers. As practical in the field as on the bench, it’s perfect for making windage and elevation adjustments, and installing rings and mount bases.... (more)
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This compact, two-step LensPen has a natural hair brush which is fully retractable for protection when not in use. A clean brush is key because it’s the first thing to touch the lens. The microfiber cleaning tip automatically replenishes itself with a state-of-the-art dry cleaning compound. Compact and ergonomic, it’s great for your workbench, the range, or in the field.... (more)
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Pulsar Neck Strap. The Pulsar neck strap is designed to be fixed to the devices which are equipped with ¼ inch tripod socket. It can be used with thermal imagers Quantum/ Quantum S and night vision devices Challenger and others.... (more)
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Everything you ned to professionally install rings and bases, and mount and level your scope. Kit includes a handy 3-way wrench that's easy to hold and leverage torque, plus Torx, Allen, Phillips and flat bits, a bubble level, thread lock and a lens cleaning cloth. Grab the factory insutrctions for mounting your scope, and get to work.... (more)
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The SWAROVSKI OPTIK cleaning set basic includes moist cleaning cloths, a cleaning brush, cleaning fluid, and a microfiber cloth. Ideal for cleaning all kinds of lenses.... (more)
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Vortex Torque Wrench Mounting Kit. This tool is easy to operate, simple to set, and offers fast, accurate tension wherever and whenever you need it. The easy to read inch-pound increments ensure you tighten in 1in/lb increments to the specified torque, and not a bit more, ranging from 10 in/lbs to 50 in/lbs.... (more)
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