Field Accessories

Peltor Bullseye II Hearing Protectors. The 3M Peltor Bulls Eye II is a hearing protector for intensive noise environments or situations. The product is very comfortable to wear even over longer periods with a weight of just 230g.... (more)
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Peltor Bullseye III Hearing Protectors. For extreme noise situations or when your concentration must not be broken by outside noise. Weight 285g, SNR = 35dB.... (more)
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This hearing protector is easy to wear, with a low profile and no protruding parts that can catch.... (more)
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Peltor Combat Arms Hearing Protection - Medium. Hear-through protection. These ear plugs feature a special acoustical filter that lets lower level sound through with relatively little noise reduction for greater situational awareness, and provides increasing amount of noise reduction as sound levels increase above 110dB. Open or close the small filter switch to choose between modes.... (more)
Spypoint Sound Card. Sound card for Universal Game Caller. Available in 7 different sounds.... (more)
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Spypoint Wireless Controller For Game Caller. The wireless controller allows the volume to be adjusted and the call sound to be selected on SpyPoint's Game Caller.... (more)
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