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This call imitates the chatter of the jay.... (more)
      £11.99 Out of stock -
This call imitates the chatter of the magpie.... (more)
      £11.99 In stock Purchase Options
Lures crows in to be hunted. Used to imitate the crows 'rest call' and the 'signal call'.... (more)
5 star review (1)     £12.99 Out of stock -
Will attract fox, marten and other predacious animals and birds. Works also where rabbits are not normally found.... (more)
      £12.99 Out of stock -
Two piece set in a waterproof case containing a hare scream call and mouse whistle.... (more)
      £18.99 Out of stock -
4 piece set in a waterproof case... (more)
      £54.99 Out of stock -
Stag/Elk Call Collapsible (telescopic) three piece instrument weighing only 100g for the imitation/amplification of various rutting calls.... (more)
      £59.99 Out of stock -