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Anyfish Anywhere Red Label Tournament GBFS PRO MK2 Fixed Spool Surfcasting Rod - 14ft - Casts 4-8oz

New 2021 Model - GBFS PRO MK2 14ft Two equal sections + reducer & sliding winch fitting Fuji BCMNAG Alconites & rod bag with reducer pocket.
Anyfish Anywhere 2 Piece GBFS PRO MK2 - The rod is designed as a stand alone all round fixed spool rod capable of doing what the TMP does, but with a fixed spool. Reel design and use has completely changed the requirements needed in a fs rod since the MK1’s launch. As well as mono, the use of braid has become more popular, so how the rod reacts to it has become far more important, timings with casting and compression of rod will feel totally different, so we needed to reflect that in the MK2 des... (more)
4 star review (1) RRP £525.00 £499.99 In stock Purchase Options
Daiwa 3 Piece Saltist Surf Rod - 14ft - Fixed Spool - 84-150g. From beach, rocks or pier, casting into the ‘surf’ always requires power. Harnessing the best performance from HVF and X45 ensures that these Saltist rods not only have that power but the torque busting resistance of X45 ensures you get the maximum return form effort.... (more)
4 star review (1) RRP £245.00 £199.99 In stock Purchase Options
Shimano 3 Piece Vengeance BX Solid Surf Rod - 4.25m. The Vengeance Surf rod is renewed and improved in blank, guides and looks. The blank is redesigned to make it more powerful and stiffer. In combination with the low rider guides, the casting distance is improved massively. The solid tip allows for greater bite detection.... (more)
4 star review (1) RRP £94.99 £84.99 In stock Purchase Options