Fly Fishing Accessories

Gherkes Gink Fly Float. Will not cake hackles. Easy to apply.... (more)
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Leeda Gherkes Xink Fly Sink. The sinking version of the Gink. Use to sink flies or leaders to present the fly at the depth the fish are feeding.... (more)
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Gerhke's Gink Knot Perfect Knot Lube. World class knot-making mono lube. Removes 100% of knot slack. For tippets, spinners, lures and all knots.... (more)
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Gerhke's Gink Fly Maker's Wax. Gehrke's Fly-Maker's Wax is now the World's leading selling fly tying wax. Each container is a screw up twist from the bottom container full to the bottom containing the best natural outdoor ingredients known to man. Gink invest over a week to obtain the purity delivered in each batch of Fly-Maker's Wax.... (more)
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Gerhke's Gink PZ Fly Cleaner. Cleans softens and rejuvenates flylines. Will make floating flylines float high again and all flylines cast longer. Just apply with a cloth.... (more)
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