Fishpond Fly Fishing Accessories Special Offers

Fishpond Jagged Basin Duffel. Whether thrown in the back of the ranch truck, the train to the city, or the cargo hold of an airplane, the Jagged Basin Duffel will be your “go to” bag for whatever adventures you set out upon.The waxed canvas material will become better looking with age and show the character of the miles traveled.... (more)
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Fishpond Bumpy Road Rolling Cargo Duffel - Large. Honey, do you really need a bag that has nearly 10,000 cubic inches of capacity? Nevermind, I've seen your gear closet. If you are like the rest of us, you love gear and love to show it. With the Bumpy Road Cargo Duffel, you can empty nearly that entire storage unit you rent out for your fly-fishing kit, and carry it everywhere you go. From the Gaspe to Olympic Peninsulas, or to the corner grocer (which you can do on foot since the Bumpy Road has... (more)
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Fishpond Dryshake Bottle Holder. You've got enough fishing to do already - keep your shake handy.... (more)
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Fishpond Slippery Rock Wading Pro Wading Staff. We have it on good authority that Moses parted the Red Sea with a staff similar to this. We took his design and improved it, with a large cork and foam and handle for secure grip, and your choice of rubber or carbide tip for the ultimate in stability. Step into the flow with confidence.... (more)
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