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Snowbee Telescopic Wading Staff With Depth Markers. A new version of the popular, original model, but marked with depth markers, up to 140cms. Popular with fire brigades for H&S reasons, but just as useful to the angler, when you need to know if the next step could be out of your depth.... (more)
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Snowbee Easy-Vue Competition Fly Box - Large. For 2015, Snowbee have extended the popular ‘Easy-Vue’ range with the addition of two new, larger, double-sided Competition models. Aimed squarely at the completion fly fisher or serious fly tier, who wants large capacity, in one box, easily accessible.... (more)
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The long standing flagship of the range, the original Prestige, no frills and without doubt still one, if not the best floating fly line available today. Its unique combination of ultra-low friction coating, superbly balanced profile and outstanding shootability, makes this a fly line which enhances the performance of the world’s best fly rods and brings out the best in casters of everywhere whatever their ability.... (more)
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Snowbee XS-Plus 'Nano' Countdown DI 5 Sinking Fly Line. A great casting line with dark brown head providing a sink rate of 5ins/sec and a distinctive, silky smooth blood red running line. Really versatile for a team of sunk lures fished deep and slow, or ripped through the upper surfaces on a windy day. A great mid-water booby line too and phenomenal casting ability with the long head and no memory.... (more)
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Snowbee Loop Connectors. The simple way to attach leaders to flylines. Pack contains 3 finished loops, with silicone tubing, ready to attach direct to your fly-line. Our new design features un-glued splices, which makes them softer and more pliable, avoiding those stiff glued sections, which cause hinge-points. Now you can simply add as much or as little glue, to simply secure the loop, as you wish.... (more)
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Snowbee Wooden Frame Hand Trout Net With Rubber-Mesh. This new range of hand Trout nets is made from laminated Red Meranti wood for strength and light weight. Available in two frame sizes to cover all requirements, from small wild Brown trout in moorland streams up to larger stocked brownies and grayling in the larger rivers. Both models are fitted with a fine 6mm rubber-coated mesh to avoid scale damage for catch and release, and also avoids unpleasant odour and hooks catching in the mesh. Fitt... (more)
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Snowbee Magnalite Full Frame Sunglasses. The 2014 range of Magnalite Sunglasses use magnesium alloy frames offering superior strength and rigidity but weigh in at just 26.5g for all-day fishing comfort.... (more)
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The Superlight range of Fly Vests offers all the features of top quality vests, but at a fraction of the price. Made from 100% Nylon Taslon material, these vests are so light you won't know you are wearing them! And best of all the Taslon material is 100% waterproof, so if you do get caught out in a shower, it will help keep the pocket contents dry.... (more)
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Unlike traditional neoprene construction where the seams are butt glued & blind stitched, this new technique uses new technology to weld the seams together and then apply an ultra thin, highly elastic tape. This results in a 100% waterproof, seamless product.... (more)
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Tough, brightly coloured and long lasting lures.... (more)
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A generously sized Hot Smoker/Cooker constructed in Stainless Steel for easy cleaning and long life. Will take four or five small Trout, or two large fish, headed and tailed. Complete with stand, two fuel pans with heat adjustment, cooking pan, lid with adjustable smoke vent, drip tray and grill. Packs away neatly inside its own stand for convenient storage. Quick and efficient hot smoking of fish, meats, poultry etc., cooks and smokes in one process, so smoked fish is ready in as little as 15 m... (more)
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Top quality, kiln dried English Oak dust, which gives a wonderful rich flavour to all smoked foods. Now conveniently packed in resealable bags of 250g - sufficient for 4 or 5 full smokings. The smoke dust is finer and burns more slowly than our earlier ‘chippings’ giving even more flavour. Try this on the Barbecue to add a rich smokey flavour to all outdoor cooking.... (more)
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