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Napier Mega Mop - 12/20g. The Mega Mop is the quick and easy way to polish and oil the barrels of any shotgun. This full length 2 pc tool is 31.5 inches/80cm long excluding handle so that it will polish the full length of almost every gun in one action. One size suitable for calibres 12/16/20.... (more)
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Napier Gun Cleaner & Lubricant - 175ml. The new Pump Packs contain exactly the same amount of product as our aerosols, but are lighter, smaller and safer. And all at exactly the same price as the normal cans.... (more)
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Napier Gun Oil Pump Pack - 175ml. The new Pump Packs contain exactly the same amount of product as our aerosols, but are lighter, smaller and safer. And all at exactly the same price as the normal cans.... (more)
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Napier Apex Leather Shield - 75ml. Napier has now released the new Apex Leather Shield, for the care, proofing, and enhancement of all leather items.... (more)
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Napier Apex Finders Keepers. Apex Finders Keepers are Hi Visibility, flat profile silicone outdoor gear identifiers and hand grips.... (more)
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Napier Power Hunter Pellets .22 (250). Power Pellets have been achieving outstanding results in competition and field and are now presented pre- treated with Napiers' world acclaimed Power Pellet Lube. The benefits of using Power Pellet Lube have been proven over the past 6 years, and following feedback from shooters and the industry, Napier have now incorporated the chemical into each tin of pellets at final packing stage. This ensures that exactly the correct dose has been applied and that t... (more)
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Napier Apex Edge Knife Care Pack. This kit contains a 10ml bottle of Apex Edge, a high density FELT fabric pad/ Strop , an ultra-fine grade steel wool pack with full instructions and a reseal able, plastic bag for storage. Used together with the APEX EDGE oil, quickly and easily removes stains and rust from any blade without the fear of scratching a cherished knife, the FELT PAD/ STROP once impregnated makes it a very simple job to occasionally draw a blade across the surface to deposit a protec... (more)
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Napier Apex Edge - 70ml. A highly effective honing oil. Manufactured in England from highly refined mineral and vegetable oils, Napier Apex Edge will prevent clogging of the stones and avoid excess cutting. Edge is particularly effective and is invaluable for application directly to the new edge formed by the Dry sharpening devices.... (more)
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Napier Stock Shield - 75ml. Napier's award winning London Gun Stock finish has been used by major gunmakers' and shooters worldwide for over 30 years, It will produce the very best London stock finish on any wooden gun stock.... (more)
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Napier Apex Tree Hugger. Guidelines and current best Practice now endorse and recommend a suspended gralloch where at all possible. Quite rightly, food hygiene rules also apply and most game dealers are not keen on taking a contaminated or unchilled carcass.... (more)
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Napier Apex Auto Lift. Designed to complement and attach to the Apex Autoclick and Tree Hugger. The Auto Life is the perfect way to handle larger deer species and wild boar.... (more)
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Napier Airglo Hunters Pack. All hunters know how quickly a stalk can go horribly wrong if the wind changes direction part way through an approach, so successful stalkers use skill, and appropriate kit to maximise their performance.... (more)
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Protector is the high quality affordable solution for carrying & protecting your gun. Following extensive research and field trials, Napier have produced the waterproof Protector range to answer the needs of both the clay and game shooter.... (more)
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Napier Silensave - 125ml. A simple effective chemical that is sprayed directly into either end of the moderator prior to storage. The specially formulated chemical is dispensed with a very low pressure aerosol that creates a mist within the can, ensuring a very fine but even coating on the internal surfaces and baffles.... (more)
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Zinc plated steel gambrel, for use with the Napier Apex Auto Click.... (more)
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Apex Aqua sac holds up to 2 litres and is ideal for washing hands and the carcass if necessary.... (more)
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Hygenic washable liner, stud fastened. For use with the Apex Predator. Extra duty reinforced liner for Pro-hunters. Weight 406 grams.... (more)
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Hygenic washable liner, stud fastened. For use with the Apex Predator. Replacement standard liner as supplied with each Apex Predator. Weight 224 grams.... (more)
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Made especially for the Blaser straight pull bolt, the shaped EVA moulded bolt carrier is available in Green, Grey or Terracotta, to match all the other items in the Razorback range. The size and shape of Blaser bolts make it impossible to carry in a conventional holder, and with the tuning fork style prongs it requires even more protection when carried apart from the rifle.... (more)
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Ideal for Professional Game and clay shooters, it is free standing so you can put it by your peg. The quick release feature saves your hands from getting mucky when removing cartridges from the magnet.... (more)
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Napier Rapid Degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent suitable for any type of firearm. Its blend of solvents very quickly cuts through carbon deposits, old grease and oils and is ideal for regular cleaning of pistons and ports in semi automatic shotguns, chokes, threads etc.... (more)
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Pack of replacement abrasives and applicators, to replensih the London Gun Stock Kit.... (more)
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This 10ml bottle of grain sealer from Napier is used during the preparation of a stock and is sold as a replenisher for the London Gunstock Kit.... (more)
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Napier's Black Powder Solvent is an entirely new way to remove all black powder residue. with a one step action, it converts all fouling into a clear harmless liquid with no scrubbing required!... (more)
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Napier Rubbing Oil (10ml Bottle) replenisher for London Gun Stock Kit contents.... (more)
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The Napier Pellet Pack 100+ contains 35 of each .22 pellet in the Napier range. Each pellet is pre-treated with world acclaimed Power Pellet Lube (PPL) to ensure maximum performance straight from the pack.... (more)
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Pack of spare arm tip rubbers and side tension coils to fit A1000 models. Keep your kit comfortable and in perfect condition.... (more)
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Micro filament Gun cleaning cloth, lint free, ideal for barrels, action and stocks. Highly absorbent, strong and washable.... (more)
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Made from finest quality leather in dark brown this toe protector can be fitted to any footwear with the supplied leather strap or by simply attaching through the lace holes. A convenient and safe way to rest your gun on a non slip surface, and no more annoying marks on your shoes.... (more)
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Each kit is supplied with a quantity of Rifle Clean, 70ml Gun Oil, Deluxe Rod and full instructions. Supplied with mop and brush.... (more)
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Beautifully finished in solid brass with rosewood handles. The Payne Galway brushes are the perfect way to clean the chamber of any shotgun and the brass end cups keep the brushes clean and ready for use.... (more)
Introduction of the new ULTRACLEAN material has allowed Napier to develop this remarkable new Universal Rifle Pull through Cleaning Kit. Using Dual action ULTRACLEAN, combined with the proven cable pull through tool, it is now possible to effectively clean any gauge of rifle from 17hmr to large bore sporting and big game calibres.... (more)
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20g Jag, To be used with Napier Ultra Clean... (more)
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Great for use in the home. Protect surfaces from scratches and chemicals. This super mat is big enough for any sporting rifle or shotgun, non slip neoprene base and a chemical/oil resistant synthetic suede work surface. Handy docking panel keeps cans and small parts in place, easily rolled up and carried whenever required.... (more)
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Carry your rifle bolt safely, it can be attached to a belt if required, full EVA moulded shell protects from knocks and dirt. Supplied in colours to match your Razorback slip. Size 7”- 9” long (18cm - 23cm) x 13?4” wide (4.5cm)... (more)
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Tough where it counts, the razorback cartridge bag will hold 120 shotgun shells, strong and practical, Scuff Panels, protect the base and its waterproof too, Extra wide non slip shoulder strap. Ideal companion for the Razorback shotgun slip.... (more)
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The Napier traditional Range Bag design, now twice as strong, and trimmed with Rugged ArmourFlex panels. This is truly the ultimate in clay shooters luggage, big enough for a days shooting, strong enough to carry a days shells! Room for score cards, accessories, waterproof and trimmed to match the Razorback range of Gun Slips.... (more)
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Finished in black and made from high impact synthetic materials with solid brass end caps these new snaps are designed to look good and perform for years. One Pair.... (more)
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Brass Snap Caps available in 12g/16g/20g, pair... (more)
Quality split brass jag. Fits all UK standard rods.... (more)
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Superior phosphor bronze spiral wound brushes. Particularly suited to pull through kits.... (more)
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Lint resistant wool mops. For the final polishing of barrels... (more)
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104" Long, two keys supplied... (more)
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The safe, effective and simple way to prevent unauthorised use of your gun.... (more)
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Napier London Gun Stock Finish has been developed for use on all wooden gunstocks and will achieve an excellent finish with outstanding protection. 100ml bottle is sufficient for several applications and is supplied with full instructions... (more)
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