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Leica Neoprene Binocular Sport Strap. The ingeniously designed “Sport” belt allows binoculars to be carried without swinging when walking or climbing and simultaneously offers fast access to the binoculars whenever and wherever they are needed. The binoculars are automatically drawn back into the right carrying position when not in use. The Neoprene material is soft, particularly comfortable on bare skin, and the belt can be adjusted to any suitable length.... (more)
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Leica Floating Strap. All Leica binoculars are waterproof to a depth of 16.5 ft/5m. With the floating neoprene carrying strap they will always remain afloat, allowing for the care-free use of Leica binoculars near or in water. The strap’s eye-catching signal orange colour offers optimum visibility, so the binoculars can be found easily and quickly. The extra wide fit of the strap protects the neck and shoulders when carrying heavier equipment.... (more)
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Leica Monovid Neck Strap. This Monovid Neck Strap from Leica is designed for use with the 8x20 Monovid monocular.... (more)
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Balance Plate for DH1 Fluid Head... (more)
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Lens Hood for Leica 42mm ERI Rifle Scopes.... (more)
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Leica Optical Cleaning Cloth

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Leica Optical Cleaning Cloth. The optical cleaning cloth for binoculars and spectacles for outdoor fans is an original from the USA - `Made by Spudz´, the world famous manufacturer of innovative optical cleaning products. When not in use, the small, extremely handy an featherweight optical cleaning cloth is stowed away safe and sound in its own weatherproof neoprene pouch. Clipped to a rucksack or a pair of binoculars, it´s not only ready for use in the flash, it looks really stylish, too.... (more)
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