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<b>Kurgo</b> Impact Seatbelt Harness - Black / Charcoal

Kurgo Impact Seatbelt Harness - Black / Charcoal

Kurgo Impact Seatbelt Harness. The Kurgo Impact Harness is the next generation in Kurgo crash-tested car harnesses. Based on 8 years of engineering car ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Bench Seat Cover - Black

Kurgo Bench Seat Cover - Black

Dog hair, mud and gunk – amongst other things..Fido knows how to ruin a perfectly nice car seat, and make it relatively un-suitable for passengers of the ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Swivel Tether

Kurgo Swivel Tether

A heavy duty seatbelt tether which works together with the Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness to provide seatbelt security with added swivel movement. Designed for ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Auto Zip Line and Leash Combo

Kurgo Auto Zip Line and Leash Combo

It's nice to be one of those lucky dog owners. The kind who's pup love's nothing more than to get in the car and go. But let's be sensible, not every traveler is ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Backseat Bridge

Kurgo Backseat Bridge

Bridging the gap between long car rides and comfort for your pooch. Sometimes your pup just needs a little more open space in your car to feel secure and ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Co Pilot Bucket Seat Cover - Khaki

Kurgo Co Pilot Bucket Seat Cover - Khaki

The Kurgo CoPilot Seat Cover is the perfect vehicle accessory to keep your car seats in show room condition.


<b>Kurgo</b> Skybox Booster Seat - Black

Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat - Black

Take a load off while driving – and put it in its own special seat. All too often we see those little pups riding in people's laps; happy, head out the window, tail ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Carrier Keeper - Black

Kurgo Carrier Keeper - Black

Now the Carrier Keeper allows you to buckle up your dog while they are still in their favorite carrier to keep them secure while you drive – free of distraction.


<b>Kurgo</b> Wander Hammock - Khaki

Kurgo Wander Hammock - Khaki

Enjoy every road trip with the Kurgo Wander Hammock! Who could say no to a pair of soft floppy ears and droopy eyes? Who could bear to leave that sad furry ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Cargo Cape - Khaki

Kurgo Cargo Cape - Khaki

We all worry about protecting our car seats, but what about the cargo area of our vehicle? Kurgo has designed a unique Cargo Cape that not only protects your ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Loft Hammock Seat Cover - Blue/Orange

Kurgo Loft Hammock Seat Cover - Blue/Orange

Kurgo Loft Hammock Seat Cover. When riding in the backseat means balancing on all furry fours, this sporty hammock's got you covered. It serves triple duty, ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Enhanced Tru-Fit Smart Harness Including Seat Belt Tether ...

Kurgo Enhanced Tru-Fit Smart Harness Including Seat Belt Tether ...

Kurgo's Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness has all the features of our standard harness, with the added benefit of Kurgo's innovative Nesting Buckles.


<b>Kurgo</b> Metro Carrier - Nutmeg/Red

Kurgo Metro Carrier - Nutmeg/Red

Kurgo Metro Carrier. When your dog is your 24/7 companion, you need to make sure they're traveling comfortably. Our Metro Dog Carrier is stylish, sturdy, and ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Wander Carrier

Kurgo Wander Carrier

Bringing a small dog on an errand or on a long trip doesn't have to feel limiting or challenging. Now with Kurgo's Wander Carrier™ it can be easier than ever for ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Booster Seat - Nutmeg

Kurgo Booster Seat - Nutmeg

Kurgo Booster Seat. Give your pup his own comfortable car seat where he can see out the window and enjoy the ride. The stylish Heathered fabric version of our ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Wander Bed - Brown

Kurgo Wander Bed - Brown

We had trouble finding a stylish, high quality and compact dog bed that excited us to bring on forays with Fido. So we developed the Kurgo Wander Bed, ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Car Door Guard - Black

Kurgo Car Door Guard - Black

Kurgo Car Door Guard. Dirty, furry paws can do some serious damage to your vehicle's interior, especially your car doors. These easy to install, waterproof ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Seatbelt Tether with Carabiner - Black

Kurgo Seatbelt Tether with Carabiner - Black

Kurgo Seatbelt Tether with Carabiner. Attaches directly to car seatbelt system. For use with Kurgo dog car harnesses (sold separately). Universal fit with steel ...


<b>Kurgo</b> Loft Duvet Cover - Green

Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover - Green

Kurgo Loft Duvet Cover. Slip this lightweight quilted cover over any old dog bed to bring new life into your home or travels.


<b>Kurgo</b> Loft Seat Cover - Blue/Orange

Kurgo Loft Seat Cover - Blue/Orange

Kurgo Loft Seat Cover. No need to tread lightly on your next adventure—when it's time to leave this bench cover will hold tough, allowing you to focus on the ...